Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles [Remastered Edition] Delayed To Summer 2020 I Check Out The Details Here!

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles [Remastered Edition]

Switch and PS4™ – Japan

Game publisher Square Enix announced on its Final Fantasy’s official Twitter account that the upcoming Remastered Edition of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be delayed to summer 2020 from its firstly announced released date of January 23, 2020. Check out the statements below.

On the post, they expressed their gratitude towards the fans who gave nothing but positive messages and with this, they are beyond thankful. They also stated that their development team needs more time to make final adjustments to give fans the best experience for a more beautiful Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Check this Twitter thread for the full details.

Also, a new trailer uploaded on Square Enix Japanese Youtube Channel with a new release date is here, watch it below! (Thanks, Gematsu!)

It seems like we need to be a little more patient than we are right now!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is still open for pre-order here at Playasia. Reserve yours now!

In case you missed it…

Another classic RPG masterpiece from one of the most popular game series in Japan and worldwide, Final Fantasy is set to reborn as a remastered edition next year. It’s no other than Final Fantasy Crystal Chroniclesan action RPG from Nintendo which was released in Japan in 2003 and the west in 2004. And publisher Square Enix promised to bring back the classic game into a more beautiful game than ever. 

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Game Overview

As the Miasma creeps across the land, the people cling to the crystals for safety. Now, a caravan of intrepid explorers ventures forth in search of hope. He tried to rid the world of all miasma.

Remember, your journey is not for yourself alone but for everyone in your village. Embark once more on an epic journey through a vast world in search of drops of myrrh in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition.

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Are you guys ready for the enhanced and more beautiful Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles [Remastered Edition]? This is now available for pre-order here at Playasia. Pre-order yours!


Here below are the game’s screenshots for you to enjoy:


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