Ninja JaJaMaru Collection for NS – Retro-action at its best!

Ninja JaJaMaru Collection

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Ninja Collection

On a cold day of November of 34 years ago; a little aspiring red worn ninja appeared in Japanese arcades to get help to rescue his beloved Princess Sakura from the clutches of the evil Damazu-Dayuu.
His name was Ninja JaJaMaru-Kun, the younger brother of the more popular shadow warrior known simply as Ninja-Kid, and despite the young age; JaJamaru-Kun is in no way inferior to the most legendary ninja such as Hattori Hanzo, Joe Musashi, and Ryu Hayabusa.
Provided with incredible skills, and supernatural powers; this champion of the 80s can summon spiritual beasts, split himself into multiple bodies, and master the five elements. Thanks to these legendary abilities, Ninja JaJaMaru-Kun is still one of the most renowned icons in the whole game industry; developed and released by Jaleco, a company who through the years published dozens of masterpieces for a lot of game systems including Psychic 5, Rushing Beat, Game Tengoku, and Idol Janshi inter alia.
In the original game; JaJaMaru’s mission is to defeat the monstrous minions led by Damazu to reach the top of the stage to save Sakura-Hime; filled with many creatures from Japanese folklore; Ninja JaJaMaru-kun was praised for its beautiful pixeled art-style, its immersive gameplay, and last but not least an incredibly catchy soundtrack; for all these reasons, Jaleco decided to not stop to a single chapter but to create an actual series, in which this little big hero was the absolute superstar!

Built by 13 installments; in this series, all the characters experienced fantastic journeys that lead them to the four corners of the world. Now the most memorable adventures can be re-played on Nintendo Switch with the one and only Ninja JaJaMaru Collection!
Including six titles: Ninja JaJaMaru-Kun, JaJaMaru no Daibōken, JaJaMaru: Ninpō Chō, JaJaMaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no Kinmajō, Ninja JaJaMaru Ginga Daisakusen, and JaJaMaru no Yōkai Daikessen; this compilation is without any doubt the best way to (re)discover one of the most interesting series of the past. Enriched by an insane dose of retro nostalgia; this gem includes all that a proper ninja should experience to reach greatness.
Level-up your skills to the infinity and beyond; the more enemies you defeat and the more Jalecoins you’ll earn; use them wisely to unlock new items, and powers that will allow you to unlock the ultimate ninja power. Luckily, in Ninja JaJaMaru Collection for Nintendo Switch you’ll be not alone; join your forces with a friend to rescue Princess Sakura before it is too late, after all, there is safety in numbers.

Supernatural beings from traditional Japan will try to stop you; famous creatures like Yuki-onna, Nurikabe, Hitotsume-nyūdō, and many other ones will attack you with all their strength. Don’t forget to collect their souls once you’ve defeated them; this is the only way to save them from the eternal damnation of the 16 hells, act like a real hero saving also the ones who want you dead.
Ninja JaJaMaru has a vast arsenal of weapons to choose from; hit the enemies throwing silent and fast ninja stars, cut them wielding your faithful katana, or in case of particular coriaceous enemies, the powerful bombs can make the difference. Action, traditional JRPG, and Action-RPG; Ninja JaJaMaru Collection for Nintendo Switch is a colorful encyclopedia full of wonders, invoke it now, and you can have the most enjoyable retro-experience of this month!

Accepts the Damazu-Dayuu’s challenge digitally or physically; discover the beauty of these epic ventures, and stop the forces of evil who plan to attain peace and order. This is not a mission for everyone, only the bravest can accomplish it, so turn on your Nintendo Switch today to play your part in Ninja JaJaMaru Collection!


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