Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PS4 & XB1 – It’s Over 9000!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Sparkling Action RPG

Monkey King, Son Gokū, Tôn Ngộ Không, Heng Chia, and obviously Kakarot!
These are only a few names belonging to the Chinese literature superstar Sun Wukong; born from a stone egg generated on the mystical Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, a beautiful place in which supernatural beings coexist more or less peacefully, he’s the undisputed king of several thousands of monkeys.
Extremely strong, agile, and prone to anger; he has been imprisoned by Buddha inside a mountain for 500 years to do the time for wreaking havoc in Heaven.
Only thanks to the intervention of the goddess of compassion Guanyin; Sun Wukong could get a second chance accompanying the Chinese monk Tang Sanzang to India in search of Buddhist Sutra and then return safely to the palace of the emperor’s palace. His deeds have been described meticulously in the 16th-century classic novel Journey to the West.
Wrote by Wu Cheng’en; this Chinese mythological tale the Monkey King, Tang Sanzang, and the supporting characters Zhu Bajie & Sha Wujing travel through hundreds of kingdoms fighting demons who wish to eat them, negotiate with spirits, and overcome a multitude of obstacles. Consisting of more than 100 chapters; the Journey to the West is without any doubt one of the great works of Chinese literature. And, it has received an incalculable number of adaptations worldwide, just to name the most popular we can mention The Monkey King movie trilogy started in 2014, the 1978’s anime Science Fiction Saiyuki Starzinger, and above all the 1984’s manga Dragon Ball!

Appeared on the issue #51 of Weekly Shōnen Jump; Dragon Ball is the most popular series inspired by Wu Cheng’en’s traditional novel. With this manga, the Japanese artist Akira Toriyama established an actual financial empire that includes not only manga and anime, but also a plethora of different products such as live-action movies, music albums, books, apparel, and obviously videogames.
Thanks due to its impact on global pop-culture; the adventures of Son Gokū, Bulma, Son Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta inspired dozens of games since 1986; the first DB game was Dragon Ball: Dragon Daihikyō (ドラゴンボール ドラゴン大秘境) for the Epoch’s Super Cassette Vision, in this simple shoot’em up Goku rides the Flying Nimbus defeating hordes of enemies using both the Power Pole and the iconic Kamehameha technique. Since then many other titles have reached almost all the home gaming systems; from the widely distributed Famicom & PlayStation to the quite obscure Playdia, and WonderSwan.
Finally, tomorrow the brand new installment will reach our planet, get ready to experience an Over 9000 adventure with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PS4 & XB1!!!

Starting from the Age 761 with the arrival of Raditz on Earth; this title will let you relive all the main events that occurred in 291 episodes.
Choose between the greatest Z-Warriors of the universe to battle far and wide for the sake of millions of living beings scattered on Earth, and distant planets. Featuring a lot of side-quests that will reveal never heard before secrets about the characters; Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PS4 & XB1 is a burning action-RPG that fully submerges players into the very heart of Akira Toriyama’s Super Saiyan epic. Including almost every character to have appeared in the longstanding series, get ready to play through the beloved story, and level-up to the MAX to perform planet-disrupting fight against or alongside your absolute favorite Dragon Ball Z legends. Feel the KI rising through your body; every fight is more visceral than any other previous episode!

So, don’t wait any longer!
Prepare yourself for the most authentic Dragon Ball experience with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PS4 & XB1; lightning-fast fighting + immersive RPG gameplay elements will give you the power to engage in titanic battles set in more than 15 vast and vibrant arenas digitally or physically.
The mightiest warriors in all of history are waiting for you, don’t be afraid… you are No. 1!!!


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