Creed: Rise to Glory: Europe Version Coming Tomorrow for PSVR!

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Creed: Rise to Glory


  • This is the Europe version of this game and it’s coming tomorrow!
  • The game is based on the famous movie series and spin-off Creed starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.
  • Train, fight and win as the underdog Adonis Creed with the help of the legendary Rocky Balboa to become the champion in the field of boxing.


The battle begins tomorrow! Are you ready for a rumble? In the right corner, the European region will get the Survios‘ sport virtual reality game, Creed: Rise to Glory for the PlayStation 4 and compatible for PlayStation VR on January 17th. (Wait, that means tomorrow!)

Creed: Rise to Glory was first revealed in E3 2018. Then after a few months, it was released in the North America region on September 25, 2018. Now, the European folks will get the chance to experience what it takes to become a champion in this boxing game tomorrow. If you are not familiar, Creed: Rise to Glory is based on the famous Rocky movie sequel and spin-off, Creed? It stars Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone as Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa respectively. 

Watch the announcement teaser from E3 2018 below.

Starting from the bottom and now we are here. Rise from the above as you play as Adonis Creed to fight from the bottom to become a champion. Of course, this road is not easy but with the help of some of the legendary boxer Rocky Balboa, the success will be definite.  Feel the adrenaline rush in terms of excitement in entering the ring while listening to the entrance song and reactive crowds. 

Learn more about the Phantom Melee Technology below.

With the Phantom Melee Technology, it delivers a one-two punch by appropriating the Responsive Control and Virtual Stamina to make the melee combat feel realistic as ever. Either you choose to follow Creed’s story or make your own exhibition against the roster full of experienced and talented boxers, the Phantom Melee Technology will make you feel every punch, uppercut, and flurry through the desynchronization including the fatigue, staggering and knockouts. – via Playasia

If you are curious about the gameplay, check out the video below from mamefan


Creed: Rise to Glory, PS4, PlayStation 4, PSVR, PlayStation VR, VR, Virtual Reality, Europe, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Creed: Rise to Glory Europe Version is coming tomorrow! So, last day to pre-order, folks! Click the button below to pre-order your copies right now!


Read more about the US version > HERE <



  • Online PvP Choose your champion, then set up a custom fight with a friend or find your contenders in Quick Match
  • Including the Creed and Rocky Updates Play or fight the most iconic figures from Creed and Rocky in Freeplay or PvP, including Rocky Balboa, Ivan and Viktor Drago, and more
  • Active 1:1 Boxing Perform punches and defence manoeuvres that fit your boxing style for true, satisfying combat
  • Live Your Legacy Train with the legendary Rocky Balboa and prove your worth against iconic fighters seeking to cut short your boxing legacy before you take your first swing
  • Multiple Game Modes Choose your path with the story-based Career mode, get in shape with Training, and create custom matches in Freeplay


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