Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha for NS – Psikyo strikes back!

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Shoot ‘n’ Save

If you’ve frequented arcades during the 90s, you’ll surely come across the Psikyo (彩京) shoot’em ups.
Established in 1992 by some former employees of Video System who worked on that masterpiece entitled Sonic Wings (or Aero Fighters as it is more renowned outside Japan); since its first game, Psikyo distinguished from the other companies for the high quality of its titles. All started with Sengoku Ace; set in a fictional Japan which mix traditional Sengoku Era elements with futuristic hi-tech machines, in this shooting adventure you can choose between six heroes (the one-eyed blond samurai Ayin, the beautiful kunoichi Jane, the wandering Buddhist monk Tengai, the old brilliant scientist Gennai, the super dog Kryp…errr Kenohmaru, and last but not least the extremely popular & gorgeous Shinto Miko Koyori). The mission of this band of saviors is to rescue the innocent Princess Tsukihime who has been kidnapped by an evil warlord who wants to sacrifice her to resurrect a powerful demon.
Aesthetically cool, compelling & challenging; the first Psikyo’s opus got a lot of attention from millions of players both in Japan and abroad, let entering the company in the Olympus of the best developers ever. This success convinced them to pursue the long hard road of game-crafting exploring a wide range of genres which varied from shoot’em ups to hentai mahjong passing through fighting games, quizzes, and puzzles.
Titles like Strikers 1945 series, Zero Gunner 2, Sol Divide: Sword of Darkness or Dragon Blaze are still considered some of the greatest shooters ever released, and still, nowadays they inspire thousands of developers who thrash out them to learn how a very good game should be made. If you want to do it too, from today you don’t need to buy expensive JAMMA arcade boards, but all you need to have is a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha!

Including all these six precious jewels; in the Strikers 1945 trilogy, the world’s hope relies on your piloting skills and sheer determination. Featuring golden classic shooting gameplay mechanics, your mission is to defend our planet from technologically advanced terroristic organizations that used alien machines to conquer the Earth. In each of these titles, you can choose between several top-secret airplanes to complete all those missions that no other pilot has successfully accomplished, exploiting the unique capabilities of each plane. If you’ll be skillful enough you’ll seek and destroy these evil forces to prevent it from seizing our planet first and the whole galaxy then. Gaining an excellent reputation in the arcades, Strikers 1945 series is fast-paced vertical shoot ‘em ups filled with a deep sense of nostalgia, a voluminous amount of weapons and stages, and mega-exciting gameplay mechanics that will unleash a big dose of adrenaline!

If you are fantasy-addicted then you will be happy to know that Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha for Nintendo Switch includes also the legendary Sol Divide: Sword of Darkness & Dragon Blaze. In the previous; Psikyo melted in a very original way the shooting and the hack & slash genres with outstanding results. The dark emperor Eftar sent his huge army to its four corners in search of the mystical spirit stones. Gathering these powerful relics he’ll be able to resurrect Heladius – the God of Destruction – and begin a dark age under his supreme control. Only three warriors can put a stop to Eftar’s plan: the blue-skinned birdman Kashon – who aim to avenge the death of his father who died when Eftar occupied his village -, the dark knight Vorg – which hometown has been destroyed by Eftar’s soldiers -, and the thousand-year-old sorceress Tyora – the creator of the spirit stones; together, joining their abilities in combat, these three heroes are the only ones who can save the world keeping a bright future of freedom and peace to all its inhabitants.
In the latter, instead, Quaid, Sonia, Rob & Ian, the most powerful Dragon Knights of this era, are called to eradicate the cursed forces of the Demon King. Using dragons’ bullets, and arcane spells, gather the four ancient relics who can stop this madness, but not all these knights embarked on this suicide mission for the sake of the hopeless inhabitants of this world. Some of them just do it for self-interest. Will you be celebrated as a savior or as a destroyer? The choice is yours only, jump on your dragon, and follow your destiny…

Igem the biggest bio-terrorist megacorporation has built ONI, an incredible machine capable to change weather for destabilizing the governments of the world; the only way to get back peace is to pilot the Zero Gunner helicopter to destroy both ONI machine and Igem at the same time.
Thanks to its innovative control system; Zero Gunner 2 brings a lot of fresh air in the crowded shoot’em ups multiverse, enemies will attack you from all sides, and using the rotation feature wisely you can take down them. Keep calm & take the aim; you’re the last bulwark that separates all of us from an ecological tragedy of immense proportions.

If you are sick of the gimmick-filled games and you would dying to have some traditional shooting fun, then Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha for Nintendo Switch is the compilation for you!
Enjoy six great retro-shooting gems for the very first time on NS digitally or physically to show everyone you’re the best planet-savior around!


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