Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind for PS4 & XB1 – Unlock the Light!

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Daydreamy DLC

39/40 on Famitsu, 9.5/10 on Game Informer, 4.5/5 on USgamer, these are some of the scores that Kingdom Hearts III got almost one year ago.
Hailed everywhere as the best episode of the whole series, which is built by 13 chapters for several systems, the third main sequel has been crowned as the fastest & best selling game in the series’ history. If you’ve already played it you should know the reasons behind its incredible success, but if you didn’t it yet, a short introduction is needed. Starting with the end of Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage; Kingdom Hearts III sees Sora, Donald, and Goofy oppose to Xehanort, and to do it the heroic trio must find all their allies to gather once again the Keyblade masters known also as the Seven Guardians of Light. Traveling between well known and brand new worlds including Arendelle, San Fransokyo, and the 100 Acre Wood, just to name a few; Sora and his allies live many other adventures to stop the dark reign of Xehanort.
Almost one year has passed from the original release of Kingdom Hearts III, but today a new, exciting quest awaits you… Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind for PS4 & XB1!

Kairi has been kidnapped, so to save her from the evil clutches of the Superior of the In-Between Xenmas, Sora returns to the Keyblade Graveyard which is the headquarter of the real Organization XIII; even if his friends have lost their bodies, he can still feel the power of their hearts, so he will be called to travel far and wide to reunite the spirits of the Seven Guardians.
Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind for PS4 includes also the original story Re Mind thanks to which more secrets about the series will be revealed, never seen before Keyblades, burning hot boss battles, and tons of creative features for the much-awaited, hugely beloved photo mode. More than a mere DLC; this incredible digital pack is an act of true love to all the old and new Kingdom Hearts’ fans!

Heed the call, brave Sora; the time to take up the Keyblade again is NOW, enter into the cockpit of your faithful Gummi Ship to travel to the infinity and beyond. Begin your brand new adventure with the digital-only Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind for PS4 & XB1; make the difference, and fight the real battle that [could] end all.
This is the way of the Keyblade Master, follow it to make everyone happy!


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