Turn on your PS4, check the discounts, and 新年快乐!

Let’s start once again the Chinese zodiac 12-year cycle entering the Year of the Rat!
Regarded as the symbol of industry and prosperity due to its ability for locating, acquiring, and hoarding abundant supplies of food. Very well known personalities including William Shakespeare, Thomas Stearns Eliot, and George Washington are born during this year; considered a new beginning, the Rat is carrying also a wealth of unmissable discounts to all the PlayStation 4 owners, thanks to the insanely price-cut digital games on Japanese & Asian PlayStation Stores. Combine them with our special ultra money $aving Lunar New Year Sale, and you’ll get the chance to download your favorite titles to the sum of a bit of cheese.
Start the New Year in the greatest way possible, and don’t forget to enjoy the celebrations; may everyone be blessed by the Rat in 2020!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…
It’s a turbulent time over the galaxy, the newborn Galactic Empire control all the systems. Jedi Knights are now a distant memory; only a few of themes survived, and live on remote planets where they can’t be found. But things are destined to change, the young padawan Cal Kestis has been discovered by Imperials, and this fact took Darth Vader to hunt all the remaining knights using the Second Sister, a former Jedi who has been seduced by the Dark Side.
Only Cal Kestis’ strength can forge a new path for the future…the discount is stronger than ever with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order!

What is life? What is death?
Hideo Kojima is back, and with Death Stranding, he could provide an answer to these philosophical questions to all of us. Inspired by “The Man Who Turned Into A Stick”, the 1957 one-act play written by Abe Kōbō; in this new masterpiece you’re a deliveryman called Sam Bridges, his job is to walk far and wide throughout a fractured earth to reconnect people with each other, your efforts will create a new human civilization, and a brand new world. Providing a huge open world to explore; the new work of Kojima-sensei is more than a game. It is a philosophical voyage to the discovery of the true meaning of humanity.
With its stellar cast and an innovative gameplay system; this opus is a must-play one.
Tomorrow Is In Your Hands!

Just in time for the release of the much-awaited Re Mind DLC; Kingdom Hearts III is available with a special 50% off discount!
If you’ve done it yet, this is the perfect chance to travel among dozens of different kingdoms at a very cheap price. ReLive an alternate take to the Disney fairy tales; meet the Princesses, bring light, and experience everything that is magical and wonderful. Unseal the hearts mighty Keyblade Master; this fabulous game tells the stories of friendship, of suspense and mystery, prevent darkness from taking over the worlds, and when you’ve finished it don’t forget to rescue both Kairi and the spirits of the Seven Guardians of Light playing the brand new digital-only Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind!

Devour or be devoured…unleash your true power with Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist!
Be ready for a whole lot of bloodshed and cannibalism; the hit anime Tokyo Ghoul is undoubtedly one of the darkest anime ever released, and in this new gaming incarnation you must choose your side. Will you be a Ghoul or an Investigator, whatever your choice is; the command is only one: SURVIVE!
Providing an unstoppable burning action plus an eye-popping anime-style graphics; this game is the most immersive & fearing Tokyo Ghoul’s experience ever!
Let’s fight to live one other day…

Hisako is a young girl that grew in the dark Tokyo’s underground; one day she met an old lady from the surface that explained to her how to leave in the big city. One thing captured Hisako’s imagination like anything else: school!
It is taken for granted, that almost all the children attend it, someone successfully, and some not, but in very rare cases the concept of school is totally ignored like in this case. To discover more about it, Hisako decides to reach the top of her world, and witness what school is. But she didn’t know that in the meanwhile Tokyo is facing the biggest pestilence of its history. Indeed, 13,929,286 people have been infected by a new plague, which turned the city into a zombie wasteland…with Dead or School, you must run ’n’ slash among hordes of walking [un]dead exploiting all the skills that only the hard life underground can teach you.
Shinjuku, Asakusa, Akihabara, and Roppongi, no district is safe…but if the world is sick Hisako is the cure!


This is just a little example of what can you find on the Japanese & Asian PlayStation Stores, obviously many other games and add-ons are available to an insanely reduced price; check the whole catalogs of the most exuberant digital gaming event of the year clicking here, here, and here.
We wish all of you a very lucky Year of the Rat!


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