Apex Legends Season 4 for PS4 & XB1 – Assimilate all!

Apex Legends Season 4

PlayStation®4, Xbox™ONE

It’s time for a new season!
Apex Legends enters in the season four, and a brand new hi-tech nightmare is here to bring tons of terrors among the players. Entitled Assimil, this new season includes new characters, new weapons, new improvements, and above all TONS of mass destruction, that will give you the unique chance to rule undisputed over hundreds of battle-arenas all around the world!
So, embrace your weapon, and get ready for the heavy metal madness!

Normally Death is considered a chess master; using her fine tactical skills, through the millennia she determined the fates of billions of people at all latitudes. But even if she’s an eternal being, she’s attracted to hi-tech modifications; this is why the Hammond Robotics gave her the unique chance to join the Apex Legends roster to show everyone her true power. Ladies and gentlemen let’s give a big hand to the Sentient Synthetic Nightmare’s Revenant!
This crimson, powerful robotic warrior (anyone said Sektor!?) is the perfect choice for stealth players who aim to win without making too much noise.
Equipped with Silent, Stalker & Death Totem abilities; choose this character, and spread fear in the hearts of your opponents

Obviously, a new season includes so many others never played before contents, and Apex Legends is no exception!
Embrace the Sentinel Sniper Rifle, and make the difference; thanks to it you can pacify the arenas from very long distances. Shoot entire clips of x22px Sniper bullets, and provide A LOT of damage to anyone who deserves it.
But keep its energy under control, because so much power requires a huge amount of batteries, and we bet you don’t want to be without it in the thick of things; right!?

In addition, don’t forget to explore extensively the insanely big Planet Harvester!
Here you’ll find a lot of precious metals that Hammond Robotics stored since a lot of years ago; why? Well…anyone knows, but when you’ll land here, you can use all these resources as you wish. Divided into dozens of regions, every aspiring champion can test his/her valor in a plethora of different environments.
From the sophisticated Capitol City to the wild Survey Camp; on this planet, there is something for all tastes!
Get the map and start the exploration, now…

Last but not least, the Assimil campaign of Apex Legends for PS4 & XB1, gives you the opportunity to absorb many other rewards with the Battle Pass!
Skins, XP Boosts, Loading Screens, Weapon Charms, and many other exclusive upgrades are waiting for you.  Reach the Apex of your career, but do it with style using our Instant Digital Cards!

Enter the legend, winning the fourth evolution of the globally beloved Battle Royale Game!



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