Granblue Fantasy Versus for PS4 – Gran, the Sky World is in trouble!

Granblue Fantasy Versus

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: 2.5D Fighting-RPG Game

Laputa, Skyholm, Kingdom of Zeal, and Lando Calrissian’s Cloud City; since the 8th Century BC a big number of writers, artists, and directors imagined the existence of mysterious realms who float in the sky. The first example in this regard can be found in Homer’s Odyssey when Odysseus reach the Island of Aiolia where the four winds are kept:
We came to the Aiolian island; here lived Aiolos, son of Hippotas; the deathless gods counted him their friend. His island is a floating one; all round it there is a wall of bronze, unbreakable, and rock rises sheer above it.
In only three rows; Homer tickled the fantasy of hundreds of people, who followed him in the creation of new sky kingdoms. Global superstars like Jonathan Swift with Gulliver’s Travels, Eiichiro Oda with One Piece or William Moulton Marston with Wonder Woman created their versions of the floating countries inspired by Homer.
Thanks to their works, a lot of people could travel over the sky to live greatly exciting adventures discovering mysterious civilizations, and innovative technologies.
Obviously, video games make no exception; in fact, dozens of series include this kind of lands in which players can enter freely to unlock new allies, items, and abilities. First-class pop culture icons like Super Mario, Sonic, Sackboy, and Link traveled far and wide through the skies in search of epic adventures. But they’re not alone; in fact, since 2014 everyone can visit the legendary Sky World thanks to Granblue Fantasy!
Formed by three huge Skydoms (Phantagrande, Nalhegrande & Oarlyegrande); you can enter this world whenever you want simply using a mobile device.

Forsaken by the Gods, the Sky World is destined to fight an eternal war since the technologically advanced Erste Empire started a plan of conquest on a full scale to rule undisputed. Despite all its deadly weapons of mass destruction, there is still a hope who comes from a distant past; an almost forgotten knowledge belonged to an ancient, long-lost race who was able to master the powerful Summon Magic.
Providing an epic story, a legendary gameplay system, and a memorable cast of characters; in only six years Granblue Fantasy has crossed the boundaries of mobile gaming to reach the Elysian Fields of literature, and animation with excellent results.
Developed by Cygames with the collaboration of Nobuo Uematsu (as the composer), and Hideo Minaba (as character designer); from tomorrow the series will reach new heights of epicness with Granblue Fantasy Versus for PlayStation 4!

Featuring a new unparalleled and bold storytelling; the new chapter is something very different from all you’ve played until now. Including all the 11 SSレア (SS-Rare) mightiest warriors in the whole Sky World; this exciting chapter offers two unparalleled modes that will conquer the hearts of old and new fans of this amazing series. In the RPG Mode; you will impersonate Gran, and leveling-up you will be called to save the world from the Chaos Bringer, who aim to become the supreme universal ruler slaying all those oppose him. Luckily, Gran can count on a very skillful ally…YOU.
With your precious help, he can put an end to this new menace restoring the peace in the realms once for all fighting ultra-stylish fast-paced hyper action battles developed by the magicians of the fighting genre: Arc System Works.
The Versus Mode, instead, gives you the opportunity to train alone or with your friends, in this way you can learn with confidence how to perform the most spectacular combo chains, and the highest grade special attacks; master all of them, and the Chaos Bringer doesn’t stand a chance against you!

Reclaim the peace for the world Sky World digitally or physically with Granblue Fantasy Versus for PlayStation 4; dimensions away a bunch of heroes is calling your name, join them to forge a daring alliance that will be remembered for centuries to come…


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