Death end re;Quest 2 for PS4 – Enter the Cyberwonderland [again]!

Death end re;Quest 2

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Hack your life

Linden Lab, probably this name will be obscure to most of you, but this is one of the most important players of the Internet industry; in fact, they’re the creators of Second Life, probably the biggest online virtual world ever developed.
The origin of this meta world has deep roots dated back to the 1992’s sci-fi novel Snow Crash. Its inspiring story starts in the 21st century Los Angeles; dominated by megacorporations, like the rest of the world, even in the City of Angels they rule undisputed forging the destinies of millions of people. But as history teaches us, where there is a dictatorship, there is also rebellion, and in the novel, its name is Hiro Protagonist. Working as pizza delivery man, he’s also a skillful hacker who finds himself embroiled in a full scale, never-ending war which objective is the possession of a Sumerian artifact who can solve the mystery behind the origin of languages, and at the same time will carry Hiro and his allies in the digital metaverse where conspiracies, wrong ideas, half-truths and lies created division and hatred among the different populations. Including social satire, history, philosophy, politics, history, computer science, and religion; the Second Life’s deus ex machina Philip Rosedale exploited it a positive way to found a digital-only meta place where real people could create their avatar and live a brand new alternative life in another universe in an absolutely free and informal way.
Reaching a population of several millions of individuals; the Second Life influence touched many fields of real-life pop-culture including TV series, books, movies, comics, and video games.

Creating thousands of fictional virtual communities; titles like Sword Art Online or Caligula Overdose showed a surprisingly real intersection between humanity and technology. In a period when the ubiquity of the digital world overlaps our analogic lives, this sort of never experienced before dual existence is possible. As happened with the invention of the telegraph, the radio, the television, and more recently the World Wide Web; our habits have been redesigned very rapidly. The cyber meta worlds are conceptual spaces where human relationships, data, power, and wonderful adventures can aggregate a vast number of people both inside and outside the cyberspace.
A series that brought these concepts to new heights is Death end re;Quest. The first episode has been released a couple of years ago, and it is set in the digital wonderland of World’s Odyssey; the player avatar is Shina Ninomiya, a programmer entrapped inside his creation, aided by a cast of unconventional NPC like the princess Lily Hopes, the beastly traveling merchant Rook, and young bubbly adventurer Al Astra, his mission is to escape safely from it.
Now in 2020, the series returns more thrilling and mature thanks to Death end re;Quest 2 exclusively for PlayStation 4!

The second episode takes place in the mountain cybertown of Liz Shoara; cursed by a strange cult and by the presence of weird dark shadows who appear at night, Death end re;Quest 2 for PS4 offers a more horror-style story in which the disappearing of 20 girls reveal the well-hidden secrets (bugs!?) of this part of the meta world created by Shina Ninomiya & Arata Mizunashi.
Starring the tragic heroine Mai Tōyama; this cyber thrilling JRPG is a breath of fresh air for all the gamers who want to play with a very well developed adventure. Luckily for her (and us), Mai is not Ⓐlone; brave, and brilliant girls like the demon-possessed Liliana Pinnata, the noble optimistic Rotten Dollhart, and the legendary game designer Arata Mizunashi must wander far and wide across the metaverse to unveil the truth behind the new Rondo of Despair. Even if you are not aware of the concepts that brought this quest to life; Death end re;Quest 2 for PS4 is an exciting turn-based JRPG filled with many gorgeous anime-style characters, side-quests, powerful equipment, avatar customization, and last but not least an incredibly immersive plot!

Featuring tons of creativity, heroism & eccentricity; Death end re;Quest 2 for PS4 is something that all gamers should look forward to, especially those who love epic cyberpunk stories, indelible electro music, and Japanese pop-culture. Experience a new kind of Law & [dis]Order story beyond the electronic frontier digitally or physically!


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