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Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Richly flavored dungeon crawler

Przekąska, 零食, Mellommål, or as it is more popular worldwide, Snack!
Including a vast arrange selection of foods, snacks are normally eaten between the main meals; while in the past they were prepared at home using the leftovers, with the advent of food industry in XIX century many factories have started to offer thousands of different snacks to millions of people creating a new market that increase continuously year by year.
Available everywhere; these quick, portable, and enjoyable foods are rooted in ancient times when during the 7th Century an Italian monk started to prepare a little bread for the children who could memorize prayers. Called pretiolas (little rewards), this snack is popular still nowadays with the name of pretzel, which is considered the very first snack ever appeared in the world.
Due to their extreme popularity, in 2016 the mangaka Fujiminosuke Yorozuya created a series in which snacks, convenience stores, and smartphones are included in a fantasy world; its name is The Snack World!

Appeared on the Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comics in December 2016; The Snack World is focused on Chup, a young wannabe hero boy which begins a quest to avenge the destruction of his hometown which has been replaced by a huge leisure center. Helped by a cast of cute’n’unconventional characters like Peperon, Mayone, and Butako; Chup is called to travel far and wide across the tasty Tutti-Frutti land to stop the plans of the sour Sultan Vinegar. Following the success of the manga series; Level-5 released one year later The Snack World: Trejarers for Nintendo 3DS. Filled with colors, treasures, and obviously… snacks, this dungeon crawler RPG has been hailed as the main course for all the game gourmet who wants to enrich their taste for adventure with something unique.
While the Nintendo 3DS version has been released only in Japanese; you’ll be happy to know that from today you can enjoy a new freshest version of this classic with Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold for Nintendo Switch!

Create your adventurer to zero, equip him or her with the most powerful weapons, and don’t forget to refill your backpack with loads of snacks!
As soon as you’ll leave your village, you’ll soon discover a whole new world with plenty of dungeons; inspired by the good, old JRPGs of the past, this game raises the dungeon-crawling fun to the highest levels. Immerse yourself in miles and miles of randomly-generated dungeons, and be prepared to battle awesome monsters, collect items, modify your weapons, and unleash powerful attacks against larger than life creatures.
Including ALL the DLCs released in Japan; Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold for Nintendo Switch is the definitive version of one of the most beloved games for the big N portable autostereoscopic console!

Call up to 3 friends to invite them to experience a delicious adventure that will draw more than a smile; together with them, you can beat hordes of fierce enemies like making taffy.
Tutti-Frutti needs your digital or physical help, start Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold for Nintendo Switch today to enjoy a thick quest prepared with the highest quality ingredients, this is something for fine palates!


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