Nioh 2 for PS4 – Yokai powers influence everything in life!!!!

Nioh 2

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Supernatural Action Game

Yes, it’s better to don’t beat around the bush; Japan is the country with the biggest number of supernatural creatures. Since ancient times, the inhabitants of Yamatai-koku lived side by side with hundreds of strange presences commonly known as yokai; infused with fear, unease, and divinity during the centuries many people described them enriching both imagination and spirituality of the livings creating an actual “yokai culture” which effects can be seen still nowadays.
Books like Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things & Gazu Hyakki Yagyō, movies like Yokai Hyaku Monogatari & Yokai Daisensō, or video games like Yo-Kai Watch & Nioh have accompanied us to the bizarre realms of Japanese folklore.
Nioh, in particular, mixed in a very unique way eastern creepy-crawlies, and western occultist figures to tell a horror story in which all the players could experience a monstrously charming adventure with prominent historical figures like Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hattori Hanzo, and Edward Kelly as guest stars.

Tomorrow, three years after the first episode, the much-awaited sequel of Nioh will return exclusively on PlayStation 4 bringing more yokai, more action, and more secrets than ever; don’t forget to sharpen the katana and learn new spells to set free ghostly Japan of Nioh 2.
Set some years before the arrival of William, the second chapter of this Souls-like series is actually a prequel; starring two adventurers who wander in the savage Japan of Sengoku Period, a nameless yokai hunter who can exploit their supernatural powers, and Tokichiro, a wandering merchant specialized to find rare Spirit Stones.
But things are more difficult than ever, in fact, due to the rising of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the second great unifier, the whole country is affected by very harsh impositions such as the establishment of a rigid class structure, restriction on travel, and surveys of land and production. All of them combined with the spread of evil semi-spiritual creatures make Japan a real hell on earth!

The superb Nioh 2 for PS4, marks a milestone in the (already) legendary catalog of the Sony’s latest console.  Get ready to fight against armies of undead and living samurai warriors, weird creatures from Japanese folklore, and many other threats.
Luckily, your avatar can count also on incredible Yokai Abilities such as Rain of Terror, Dark Digger, One-legged Fury, and so on… meet and greet a plethora of ghostly beings, and don’t forget to cut your way to bring peace in the country. Master both martial and magic arts; Nioh 2 is more than a simple Action-RPG. It is an unforgettable brutal journey throughout medieval Japan; a journey that mixes in a very cool way the gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls + Ninja Gaiden, and an exciting story full of twists & turns. So, if you’re looking for a very hardcore challenge don’t look further, because playing this you’ll curse all those evil spirits you’ll encounter. Featuring a revamped combat system, new deadly weapons, and a cast of out of this world characters; this title unleashes the darkness among all of us!

Enjoy a new masterpiece from the Far East digitally or physically; Nioh 2 for PlayStation 4 catapults you in the 1555 Japan. Inspired by the classic chanbara films, press start to employ deadly melee combat and magnificent magic attacks like never before; showing legendary swords, spectacular spells, and hordes of scary creatures from the old Japan… this is an authentically unorthodox samurai-style action experience!


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