Space Invaders Invincible Collection for NS – This is not just a game!

Space Invaders Invincible Collection

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Retro Treasure Chest

Ralph Breaks the Internet, Terminator 2, and Pixels; if you have seen at least one of these movies you surely noticed that they have one characteristic in common. The presence of Space Invaders.
Created by Tomohiro Nishikado, and released in all the earthly arcades during the summer of 1978. This fixed shooter was responsible for an unpredictable shortage of 100-yen coins in Japan. And above all also the forerunner of a new form of art commonly known as Video Game!
The presence of this turning point across the whole planet soon turned into a social phenomenon. Appearing in every urban center; all public establishments (like cafè or amusement spaces) wanted to install the cocktail-table cabinet to be trendy and attract a new type of clientele.

While the story is very simple; hundreds of millions of people fell in love with the astonishingly innovative gameplay system that sees a tiny spaceship defend the planet from an endless horde of Space Invaders. Inspired by the H. G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds; the digital creature of Nishikado-san has been ported on all the most important computers and consoles ever released; including Atari 2600, NEC PC98, Super Famicom, NES, and many other ones.

This 1Kb game inspired generations of developers to leave their mark in the industry. Names like Shigeru Miyamoto, John Romero, and Hideo Kojima owe their careers to this little 1Kb game. Despite all the technological limitations of the time; these aliens earn the status of superstars in no time and to expand this universe as much as possible through the years Taito has released dozens of sequels of it. While some are games who continue to tell the story of Earth forces against these aliens; some other are actual oddities who are now valuable collector’s gem. In fact, maybe not all know the existence of Pepsi Invaders for Atari 2600, and PD Ultraman Invader for PlayStation.
But now, we leave aside the splendor of the past; because the wonderfully comprehensive Space Invaders Invincible Collection for Nintendo Switch is finally available!

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Including eight retro gems:

  • Space Invaders Black-and-White Version
  • Space Invaders Color Version
  • Space Invaders Part II
  • Super Space Invaders ’91
  • Space Invaders Extreme
  • Space Invaders DX
  • Space Cyclone
  • Lunar Rescue

PLUS the brand new Arkanoid vs Space Invaders who mix in a very unique way two block-busters of video game industry; this compilation is a feast both for old and new players.
Enjoy a real piece of history. Space Invaders Invincible Collection for NS is an engaging collection that doesn’t alter the nature of the series. Preserving all the suspense of original edition; get ready to engage an interplanetary battle with your Joy-Con.

Don’t save the galaxy alone! Up to three friends can get into the battle to increase success rate enormously. Then if you aim for the top; you can clear all the Challenge Mode. And don’t forget to prove everyone in the Milky Way that you are a true savior becoming the first in the online ranking chart. Clear out all the enemies faster; hit the UFOs, and power up your spaceship as much as you can to prevent the invasion.

Enjoy hundreds of classic sci-fi extravaganza hours; Space Invaders Invincible Collection for Nintendo Switch is waiting for you!
Get a real historical treasure at home digitally or physically; this is a must-buy for all the ones who love old-school arcade gaming 🕹️ 🕹️ 🕹️



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