Streets of Rage 4 for PS4, NS & XB1 – Unleash your rage!!!

Streets of Rage 4

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Hit the Streets

Martial arts, dark alleys, and big roast chickens; these are the cornerstones of the beat’em up genres!
All have started with Spartan X; developed by Irem in 1984, this title laid the basis for the whole genre presenting a lot of enemies and the opportunity to punch, kick, and dodge all of them along multiple stages.
Based on the same name movie starring the Hong-Kong legends’ Jackie Chan & Sammo Hung; the progenitor of beat’em ups has been ported for a plethora of console and computers such as Famicom, Commodore 64, Atari 2600, and ZX Spectrum.
Anyway, the beginning of its golden age is started three years later, in 1987. In fact, during June of that year, a small company called Technōs Japan released a game who is still considered one of the most important titles of the game industry: Double Dragon!

Starring the twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee; these deadly street warriors must punch their way to rescue the beautiful Marian from the evil clutches of the Shadow Boss, the infamous leader of the Black Warriors’ gang. Through 4 long stages; the Lee brothers exploit the secret art of the Sou-Setsu-Ken to defeat the minions at the service of the boss. Names like Abobo or Willy are still renowned as very important pop-icons that have appeared in many opuses, cartoons, comics, movies, and much more.

Due to its global insanely huge success through the years many other beat’em ups appeared for the joy of millions of aspiring urban fighters located at the four corners of the world. Among all of them; the best ones are without any doubts Final Fight, Golden Axe, Vigilante, Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja, and above all Streets of Rage.

Built by three episodes; Streets of Rage is a series launched in 1991 exclusively for Sega Megadrive. Starring the three ex-cops Adam Hunter, Axel Stone, and Blaze Fielding; in the original episode they must clean up the streets using their deadly combat skills (boxing, martial arts, and judo).
Hailed as a must-have; thanks to its excellent graphics, compelling action gameplay, and last but not least an unforgettable soundtrack composed by Yuzo Koshiro; Streets of Rage was one of the most precious gems of the fourth generation.
Tomorrow, 29 years after their first battle, Adam, Axel & Blaze will be back on PS4, NS, and XB1 for a new work of cleaning codenamed Streets of Rage 4!

Despite almost three decades have passed; the protagonists of the series not just sitting around. In fact, they helped police to solve dozens of cases thanks to their considerable powers of persuasion. Anyway, something bigger is about to begin, something that requires the intervention of a greater strength…
Like a phoenix, the Syndicate Crime Organization has risen from its ashes, and now it is more powerful than ever. Now lead by Mr. & Ms. Y this criminal organization is ruling undisputed over the city, and even the cops can’t do much to stop it; this is why Adam, Axel & Blaze wear again their combat suits to take to the streets to resolve the tragic situation more effectively.

Featuring a radical hand-drawn art style, eight long blood pumping stages, adrenaline music, and much more; Streets of Rage 4 for PS4, NS, and XB1 is more and more raging!
Choose your favorite crime fighter, keep your eyes open and the fist clenched; in this hyper-exciting beat’em up danger lurks at every corner hitting when least expected.
Regain control of the streets of the city digitally with Streets of Rage 4 for PS4, NS, and XB1!



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