Void Bastards for PS4 & NS – Never give up hope!

Void Bastards

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Plan, shoot, escape

Huygens, Philae, Viking 1, and Mars Pathfinder; these are some of the most popular derelict spacecrafts who help the Earthlings to learn more about our universe. Do you know what happens when they “die” at millions of kilometers away?
Well, there are two possible solutions:

1) If the spacecraft is close (and has enough fuel) the engineers let it enter the atmosphere where it’ll be burned.
2) In case it is very far, the only option is to let wander it across the universe, and they will do it for a very long time…

It’s useless to say that these wandering space derelicts have inspired many writers, movie directors, and game developers to create new thrilling stories that enriched our pop-imagery to the infinity and beyond. Warhammer 40K’s Space Hulk, Alien’s Engineer Derelict, or Dead Space’s USG Ishimura are the best settings for the most sci-fi horror stories ever wrote; lovely filled with dangerously evil alien hitchhikers & biological hazards, they are the proof that we’re not alone in the universe.

If you’re interested to live a totally new exciting adventure far far away; you will be happy to know that Void Bastards is finally available for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch.
Set in the Sargasso Nebula, located at more than 200 light-years from our planet, in there, a huge spacecraft derelict drifting wherever the universe blows it. Its name is Void Ark, and like the best sci-fi stories, it is not deserted as commonly imagined.
Actually, the Void Ark is an intergalactic maximum security prison where all the most dangerous criminals are incarcerated. But they are not alone… a horde of mysterious aliens took its control, and they want to eradicate all the prisoners to complete the transfer of ownership process.

Into the Void (Ark)…

Developed by the people behind legendary hits such as BioShock & System Shock 2; Void Bastards for PS4 and NS is a strategic-FPS like no other in the vast universe!
As the leader of a band of unconventional anti-heroes; you are the person in charge to take important strategic decisions such as what to do, where to go, and who to fight. Plan your escape mission very carefully thinking of all situations you could encounter (even the most bizarre ones); once all is set get into the action to retake to control of the Void Ark before it’s too late.

Obviously, huge derelicts contain also huge amounts of precious supplies; be resourceful assembling them creatively to build unique tools and weapons that can save your life when you least expect it.
The more prisoners you will save, the easier your mission will be. Exploit their unique skills and abilities, they will be more than happy to repay their life-debt helping you to back home on their feet.

Forget all the video games you’ve played so far; Void Bastards for PS4 & NS features an ultra pop comic-book artstyle, a looooooong campaign mode, a lot of gameplay mechanics that will test your meninges and your aim to the max, and much more that is only waiting to be discovered. Explore the derelict spaceship extensively, try to survive to an unprecedented threat exploiting your wits and ability to improvise.
Nothing is as it seems in Void Bastards for PS4 & NS!
It’s time to face the fear, and stop the spread of the alien invasion across the galaxy once for all only digitally!



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