Unreal Life for NS – Recall what is intimately yours!

Unreal Life

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Psychometric Adventure

Ψυχή or Psychometry is the ability to learn unknown histories by simply touching an object exploiting its energy field.
This pseudo-scientific theory has been largely promoted by Joseph Rodes Buchanan; an American physician who believed that all the things can emanate a sort of energetic memories of their past that can be unveiled simply with the touch of a hand. In his treatise Manual of Psychometry: the Dawn of a New Civilization, originally published in 1893, Dr. Buchanan explains how the knowledge of memories can lead the whole mankind toward a new age of global enlightenment. Even if it is considered with skepticism by the scientific community; Psychometric abilities are often portrayed in a large number of opuses.

Characters like Ruth Aldine, Nathan Summers, or Onslaught can use this extra-sensorial power to get a lot of useful information about the past, the present, and the future. Obviously, they’re not alone; indeed, also in Harry Potter, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and The Simpsons series, a lot of psychometric individuals are present to add a more mystic touch.

So, if you are determined to see how Psychometry works you shouldn’t miss playing with Unreal Life for Nintendo Switch!

In Psychometry we trust!

Presented during the Bitsummit 7, the greatest indie game festival of Japan who annually shows to the big audience the most interesting titles for PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, Unreal Life is a supernatural Nindie adventure that sees you investigate over the mystery that grips the city.
Starring a nameless amnesiac girl who crossed her path with a sentient traffic light; this unconventional dynamic duo must search for the Master, the only one who can restore the girl’s memories. But how to do it in a big dark city? Well, the solution lies in the objects…
Yes, you’ve read well, exploiting her Psychometric superabilities, she can find a lot of precious clues simply touching the things around her. In this way, the girl will be able to discover more about the past & the present to solve the mystery behind memory loss.

Developed by room6; Unreal Life for Nintendo Switch is something unique!
Featuring a truly immersive story with a lot unexpected turn of events, a pop-stylish 2D pixel art style, a compelling gameplay system, and much more; get ready to unveil what happened to the city, and how you are involved in this bizarre situation.
What is her fate? The more you will learn about the girl’s past, the more clues you will find. So, touch the objects, and discover more about you before everything gets out of hand… literary.

Enjoy an unforgettable Nindie mystery adventure with Unreal Life for Nintendo Switch!
This digital-only treasure can test your detective skills to the max, solve the mystery, and retake what you have most precious… your own memories!



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