Ion Fury for PS4, NS & XB1 – The Future of Law Enforcement!

Ion Fury

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Cyber FPS

We live in the future!
Since its creation more than 40 years ago; the Cyberpunk aesthetic is now part of our daily lives. Corporate neon logos, towering skyscrapers, hi-tech devices, and a lot of other c-related items & ideas are sharing both inside and outside the world wide web.
The term Cyberpunk has its roots in 1983’s same name short story written by Bruce Bethke; set in a massive technological society, thanks to it a brand new archetype in the crowded sci-fi multiverse was born. But what Mr. Bethke could not know is that four decades later his imagination turned into a real trend. Obviously, along the years’ many other opuses helped to create the whole genre; just to name a few, the most important contributions are Neuromancer, Mindplayers, Vacuum Flowers, and the essential Ware Tetralogy.

Even from the gaming side; Cyberpunk influenced hundreds of titles that exploiting this epic philosophy gave us the opportunity to live unforgettable stories.
Melting youth counterculture, advanced technology, capitalism, and skepticism even interactive adventures such as Watchdogs, Deus Ex, and the hugely awaited Cyberpunk 2077 show a deeply cynical portray of the society who – sadly – reflect our times.
Because yes, theirs is cyberpunk culture but always keep in mind that cyberpunk IS culture, and we can see signs of it every day also in art, music, fashion, and activism.
In case you want to know more and more about this exceptionally rich movement; you will be happy to know that Ion Fury is finally available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

A Glimpse into Future

With this unique FPS game; you can experience the end of the Anthropocene Era and the rise of a previously unpredictable posthuman futuristic world where a wide range of perspectives open before our [cyber]-eyes. If you loved with 90s hits like Shadow Warrior, Blood, or Duke Nukem 3D; you will surely love also Ion Fury.
Enter the neon streets of Neo DC., and help Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison to eradicate the transhumanist menace perpetrated by the evil Dr. Jadus Heskel.
With hordes of artificially enhanced soldiers at his service, this mad scientist aims to conquer the whole planet to rule harshly at every latitude. Upgrade your system, load the guns, and get ready to reach the next level of carnage. Featuring an awe-inspiring aesthetic, timeless FPS gameplay experience, huge multi-path levels, and a lot of other insanely cool additions; Ion Fury for PS4, NS & XB1 evolve the meaning of mayhem to previously unattainable parameters. 

Expect to shoot your way far and wide; after all Neo DC. is an actual megalopolis as in the best cyberpunk tradition. Technologically filled with thousands of enemies; do all that is needed to defeat them to prevent the plans of Heskel. Yes, this is a harsh challenge, but ever success will give you a real sense of victory that motivate your soul to go on and on…
Thrilling, frenetic, and explosive; Ion Fury is a brutal digital-only gem that will let decrypt the darkest secrets behind the neo-myths of the near future!



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