Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PSVR – A new Tale of Suspense!

Marvel’s Iron Man VR

PSVR Ι Genre: VR Superhero Simulation

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist; these four adjectives describe in a perfect way the one and only Anthony Edward Stark.
Born in a world in which superpowers are possessed by a vast number of individuals, he has none of them, but since his very early age, Anthony showed inventive genius and mechanical aptitude. Enrolling the electrical engineering program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of 15; six years later succeeded his father at the head of Stark Industries becoming a multi-millionaire person within few years.

But his life taken an unexpected turn when he was sent to Vietnam to supervise a field test of brand new transistorized weapons; but, during an attack a piece of shrapnel hit his chest, and in a week he would die. Caught by a Viet Cong general called Wong-Chu offered him a deal; if he built a powerful weapon for Viet Cong, they would operate him to save his life.
Helped by the professor Ho Yin-Sen; Tony developed an electrically powered iron armor equipped with heavy weaponry… Iron Man… and the rest is history…

Beauty and the Armor!

Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby; Iron Man originally appeared in Tales of Suspense #39, and despite 57 years have passed, he’s still one of the most popular characters in the whole Marvel multiverse.
During his long, and prosperous career; Iron Man not only joined the forces with almost all the champions of Earth-616, but he has appeared also in different dimensions carrying his inimitable style everywhere.

For example, he brought his contribution to the 17th century Spanish Royal House as Lord Iron, during the 1930s as Iron Man Noir investigates over a mysterious source of energy from Atlantis, and in the Marvel Zombies universe, he killed Silver Surfer gaining a lot of cosmic powers.
In addition to the mythical magnetic exoskeleton; Tony Stark is an above-average athlete; he’s greatly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, military strategy, and can pilot every vehicle present in the multiverse. Anyway, if you have ever dreamed to wear one of his armors; don’t miss trying Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PSVR!

Call it Heavy Metal!!!

Covered by a thick aura of mystery; the Ghost is an industrial saboteur & hacker who aims to destroy various corporations all around the world for unknown reasons. Thanks to his cybernetic suit; the Ghost can become invisible and intangible, placing him out of phase with our dimensional plane.
Like an actual ghost, he can move undisturbed in the world around him without being noticed, but as Iron Man, you can stop all of his plans without efforts (or nearly).

In Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PSVR, Earth-616 has never been so vivid and immersive; prepare to fly high, and live a real heavy metal hardcore shooting adventure at supersonic speed.
Feel the freedom moving in all directions, customize the armor suits, update the OS to unlock new incredible abilities, and once all is set ignite the jets to start boundless battles against relentless waves of enemy aircraft, tanks, superhuman villains, and much more!

Enjoy the ultimate MCU experience with Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PSVR digitally or physically; be the greatest one-man army of all time… be Iron Man… turn yourself into the whole new master of magnetism in town!


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