Dragon Marked For Death for PS4 – The Dragon War is erupting!

Dragon Marked For Death

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Dark Fantasy Action-RPG

Euflamm, Melusine, Fáfnir, and Endriago; these names are not so popular nowadays, but if we go back to the Middle-Ages, they were renowned far and wide as four of the most powerful dragons appeared in the literature.  As the progenitors of the modern fantasy creatures, among the whole western kingdoms, the dragons were considered dangerous and evil winged snakes that normally were fought and killed by a hero. Considered the symbol of wildness; in Christian mythology, the dragons are connected with Satan and starting from St. George, no bishop or abbot could achieve sainthood, without first having slain a dragon. But that’s not all, even in the profane opuses such as chivalric romances; these mighty monsters often appeared both as an enemy or as a helper of the protagonists.  Fierce, wise, and keeper of arcane secrets; dragons are undoubtedly one of the greatest figures in the fantasy genre.

Flourished during the Middle Ages; fantasy folktales have traveled through time and cultures bringing thousands of marvelous adventures filled with knights, heroines, wizards, elves, and many evil creatures whose only mission is to stop the protagonists to fulfill their quests. A lot of authors wrote fantasy stories including their personal touch; just think to Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Robert E. Howard, and obviously his majesty J.R.R. Tolkien!

Fantasy stories are always with us!

Due to its incredible success fantasy tales transcended the literary world making an appearance also in movies, comics, music, and video games; just to name a few Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, YS, Breath of Fire, and a lot of other series who since the mid-80s introduced to all the gamers brand new adventures soaked in magic, rituals, and heroic deed; normally offering a large amount of text, the games set in fantasy worlds helped also the people to increase their vocabulary.

For example, if we go back in time, we can see that interactive text adventures like the renowned Zork series used advanced text parsers to not only recognize simple verb-noun commands but also prepositions and conjunctions; this was the first step into a more rich ability to think fast, and at the same time, write correctly. Following the classic tales of cloak and dagger, from tomorrow all the PlayStation 4 owners can get the keys to open the gates of the breath-taking, stunning, and unbelievable world of Dragon Marked For Death!

Four heroes, one mission!

Starring Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, and Witch, the generals of the powerful Dragonblood Clan; this incredible dark fantasy action-RPG sees you help these four heroic characters to defeat the evil Medius Empire; which is responsible for the destruction of your homeland.

Featuring a state of the art 2D pixel graphics, an epic soundtrack, and an immersive plot full with twists and turns; in Dragon Marked For Death for PS4, you’ll enter into myth. A living and breathing universe with giant creatures and even bigger themes await you.

Offering great freedom of action, in this legendary title every decision or choice corresponds to a consequence. Get ready to fight striking battles that evoke the good, old Dragon’s Crown, change the course of the story, but be always cautious because some of your allies might turn against you becoming a soldier at the service of the Medius Empire. Take up the challenge to become the savior of the world, overcoming many dangers such as hordes of monsters, deadly traps, and mysterious rooms. In other words, it’s up to you to restore global peace!

Enjoy the timeless adventure of Dragon Marked For Death for PS4 only-digitally!
Level-up, and then tailor your hero’s skills as you wish; alone or with your friends get ready to immerse yourself into the rich vibrant world of this dark fantasy action-RPG.

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