Crysis Remastered for NS – Cephalopods… take this!

Crysis Remastered

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: FPS

Even if gone completely unnoticed by the majority of the world population; last year something strange happened. In Lingshan Islands, a North Korean archipelago, a mysterious alien spaceship has been found inside a mountain, and this led to friction in relations between North Korea, and the U.S.A.
Secretly the United States sent Jake “Nomad” Dunn, a Delta Force elite soldier, over it to discover more about the event, and on that day his life changed forever. Wearing a hi-tech Nanosuit that gives exceptional offensive and defensive abilities to whoever wears it; Nomad starts an actual suicide mission all alone.

As far as we know, the spaceship seems crashed on our planet several million years ago; belong to a race known as Cephalopods (or simply Ceph), this vehicle wandered throughout the sidereal space to find a new energy resource that allows its inhabitants to survive…
Unfortunately, it crashed on our planet before finding it, and this accident threw them into a deep sleep stage… until now…
Helped by the researches of the world-renowned archaeologist David Rosenthal; Jake soon discovers that the Ceph awakened, and they aim to eradicate the human race from the world. The time to start a new intergalactic war on Earth has started, this is a real Crysis!

Enjoy the fireworks!

Originally released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in the distant 2007; Crysis is one of the best FPS series of the seventh generation. Winning a lot of awards including Gamespot’s Best Shooter of 2007, PC Gamer’s Action Game of the Year, IGN’s Editor’s Choice Award, and many other ones throughout the world; the first episode sold more than 3 million copies, making it the tenth best-selling game of 2007, behind masterpieces such as  Super Mario Galaxy, BioShock, and God of War II.
Due to its – in part unexpected – global success, Crytek developed a couple of sequels that have been released respectively in 2011 and in 2013, plus a spin-off entitled Crysis Warhead that presents the events occurred in the first episode from the point of view of the British SAS Sergeant called Michael “Psycho” Sykes.

Including hyper fast-paced gameplay mechanics combined with an impressive story filled with twists, back-stabs, and last-minute turn arounds; the original Crysis is back on Nintendo Switch… get ready to shoot your way once again with the one and only Crysis Remastered!!!

Soldiers, follow the orders!

Wield your weapons, and get ready to pull the world back from the brink of annihilation; shoot your way in a large and wide-open world that can be explored freely. Offering a non-linear gameplay experience, go wherever you want, and whenever you want you may do your part in this adventure for the survival of humankind.
The wild environment of the Lingshan Islands can be used at your advantage; exploit it extensively to think about how to approach the mission; enjoy all the thrill and excitement of an anti-alien invasion soldier who targeting those creatures who oppose our existence.

The more you’ll proceed, the more hidden skills and abilities you will unlock; expand the Nanosuit’s functions to unbelievable levels, they will be useful to save the country in the shortest time possible. If you love FPS set in a realistic and immersive environment & great sci-fi stories enriched with political intrigue, the digital-only Crysis Remastered for Nintendo Switch is perfect for you!


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