VOEZ for the Nintendo Switch: Version 1.8 Update Now Available

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Nintendo™ Switch – US & Japan

Are you still playing the rhythm game VOEZ? If you are, it’s time to get these new updates! The game publisher Flyhigh Works and the game developer Rayark have dropped the version 1.8 update for the Switch version. In this update, it includes seven new songs! 

Check out the trailer and the songs added below. 

  • “Kawattenai yo, Kawaranai yo” by the hoshizora project
  • “Stay” by Night Keepers
  • “Be Smile”  by Shi Kuang Lee & Pico
  • “Frontier” by sugarmosaic feat. Kumi
  • “It’s been a long long” by Sobrem
  • “Hyper Square”  by Air Carrier
  • “Lamune”  by Hitori feat. Yukino Kina

Thanks, Gematsu for the info! 

Game Overview

The game takes you in Lan Kong Town. It’s a fictional town in Taiwan. Six high students dream to be on a big stage as successful musicians. However, their target is not just the local fame but also the international prominence. Successfully, they achieved their ultimate dream as they are recognized as musicians.

Here are the six high school student who forms a band that achieves international fame as musicians. See their brief profile background below.

The main objective of this game is to tap the falling notes with the rhythm of the music. Each song in the setlist has three levels of difficulty: Easy, Hard and Special. And, there is also a rating in each song. The higher the rating, the more difficult the song is. You can also decide on how fast the notes fall down. There are 100 songs in the library. So, choose your preferred genre of music to groove to the beat with. Plus, there is an in-game diary available. It serves as the means to unlock each story episode. Each episode contains parts of the story and artwork.


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  • Keep a Record! – Unlocking new entries in the Diary will reveal new story beats, locations, and artwork! Complete each requirement to fill out that Diary!
  • Master Each Level! – Three difficulty levels — Easy, Hard and Special — will satisfy music game lovers of all skill levels!
  • Gorgeous Animation! – VOEZ is not only music to your ears, but also a feast for your eyes! Enjoy its amazing animation and artwork in full HD!
  • Which Song? – With over 100 songs to choose from, the massive music selection will keep you coming back for more!




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