Nioh 2 for PS4: Version 1.14 Update Is Available Now | Learn More Here

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Nioh 2

PlayStation 4™ – US, EU, JAPAN & ASIA

Are you still playing Nioh 2? Get ready as the version 1.14 update is now available. The game publisher Koei Tecmo and the game developer Team Ninja have announced. The update mainly features the Picture Scrolls, adjustments, and bugs fix.

For the full patch notes, check out here

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Post-Launch DLC

In January, Tom Lee, the Creative Director of Team Ninja took the PlayStation.Blog to unveil Nioh 2’s backstory and the post-launch DLC. According to the Creative Director, Nioh 2 will receive three major DLC releases after its launch. Each of the three DLC packs will possess unique storylines and “promising hours of additional gameplay that will provide plenty of challenge for those thirsting for more.”

In addition, Lee said that new weapons will be featured in the additional content along with the new combat abilities and new characters with each content having both multiple main and sub-missions. 

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So, if you are curious about the gameplay, check out the demo video below from PlayStation Access



Complete your Nioh 2 experience with its Original Soundtrack!

Nioh 2, Nioh, PlayStation 4, PS4, US, Koei Tecmo Games, Koei Tecmo, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots, Team Ninja, news, update, version 1.05, 1.05 update


Universal Music
~Yugo Kanno, Akihiro Manabe
Audio CD (2 Disc Edition)

Enjoy the trailer, features, and screenshots for the game below.



  • Sharpen Your Skills – Prepare for the fight of your life with revamped mechanics that build on the fan-favorite elements of Nioh, requiring your full concentration and skill
  • Choose Your Method of Combat – Follow the way of the samurai with traditional weapons including swords and hatchets, or fill your Amrita gauge to wield mighty Yokai abilities and destroy monstrous foes via a variety of mighty attacks
  • Improve Your Weapons with the Yokai Shift – Filling your Amrita gauge doesn’t just give you access to a powerful Yokai form, but also allows you to increase the stats of various weapons and add extra buffs, such as staggering foes and grappling downed enemies
  • Help, and Get Help, from Other Players – Call upon the spectres left behind by other Nioh 2 players to aid you in combat. Their spirits will assist you until the end of the current level… or until they’re defeated


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