Super Mario 3D All-Stars for NS – Don’t forget to thank Mr. Miyamoto!

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: 35th Anniversary Collection

Jumpman, Mr. Video Game; these are the original names of probably the greatest superstar in video game history; when he made his appearance in 1981, Jumpman was a carpenter determined to rescue the beautiful Pauline from the huge clutches of a giant gorilla. Jumping over dozens of barrels; this heroic middle age man could eventually save her, and start a long road filled with unparalleled success. Do you know who are we referring to? Yes, you are right the one and only Super Mario!

Second only to Mickey Mouse in popularity; Mario has revolutionized not only the whole video game industry but also the pop-cultural world in a very unbelievable way. Soon after the release of Donkey Kong in arcades – the most played title during the 1983 summer winning the Best Single-player video game, and the Coin-Op Game of the Year – Mario acquire even more fans at every latitude, but it’s only in 1985 that all changed…
In fact, the September 13th of that year; the first Super Mario Brothers for Famicom entered the homes of millions of people around the globe, bringing a breath of fresh air. Thanks to this game; he could enter the pop-icons’ Olympus becoming an important figure for all who grown-up during the mid-80s.

Our princess is in another castle!

Starring also in cartoons, live-action movies, and an incalculable amount of gadgets Mario (with the help of his twin brother Luigi) saved kingdoms, imported new species of mushrooms, and rescue princesses both in this and many other galaxies. Starring in more than 250 different video games who crowned him as the one and only king of the video game industry; during the early 90s, he was the MOST KNOWN character among the American children, not bad for a simple plumber.

So, here 35 years later, Mario is still very popular. Through the years he did all kinds of jobs; from doctor to the president of a toy company passing through archaeology, bakery, psychotherapy, and many other ones… but we don’t forget his main occupation: savior of kingdoms and Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch includes three of the greatest 3D adventures ever told!

Here we go!

Now’s the time to rediscover the fun of all the Super Mario games you have played; including Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine & Super Mario Galaxy; Super Mario 3D All-Stars is the best way to celebrate his 35th Anniversary!
In Super Mario 64, our beloved pipe cleaner received a letter from Princess Peach to reach her castle and eat together a freshly baked cake. But once there, there’s something strange in the air… all is too quiet, and all the castle inhabitants seem vanished. When suddenly a threatening voice reverberates in there: “No one’s home! Now scram! Bwa, ha, ha.”, but from where it comes from? Maybe the secret is hidden in the paintings; go Mario jump inside there, and start a brand new adventure in the curious Behind-the-painting world where the power stars have been stolen. Through this alternative dimension, you can restore the things in the castle. Mario, you are the only one we can count on!

Super Mario Sunshine! Wahoo!

There’s no relax for true heroes, and even in that tropical paradise called Isle Delfino the unexpected is just around the corner. In fact, Mario is accused of a crime that he didn’t commit, but if he’s not the guilty one; who is the mustachioed person who mucked up the island? C’mon, forget the white sand and the crystal blue water; grab the Joy-con and play with Super Mario Sunshine.
Using the hi-tech F.L.U.D.D. (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device) water cannon; your mission is to clean the island, and Mario’s reputation bringing the vandal to justice. Helped by Peach, Toad & Yoshi; this is not properly the most relaxing vacation of his life, but surely is an unforgettable quest to take part in!

Welcome to a new galaxy!

Like 007, also for Mario, the world is not enough; and, in Super Mario Galaxy you are called to travel along with topsy turvy galaxies in which Newton’s law of universal gravitation is just a hypothetical concept. Jump from planet to planet to get back from Bowser both the Power Stars and Grand Stars; without that, the balance of the universe is in great peril, and the life of all the creatures is seriously threatened. Play with Mario from a new sidereal perspective; accomplish the mission, and the star queen Rosalina will always watch over you from beyond the stars…

Play (again) with these three incredible pieces of history with Super Mario 3D All-Stars!
All these titles need no introduction; these classics truly relive digitally & physically only on Nintendo Switch… happy  35th anniversary Mario, not bad for a pint-sized plumber!


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