Monster Farm 2 for Nintendo Switch – Raise, train, and battle!!!

Monster Farm 2

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Breed your monsters!

Leaving an indelible mark in fantasy literature, and in society; the concept behind the term “monster” still strikes a bit of fear in all people’s hearts. Trying to integrate them in a parallel kind of normality; since the Roman Empire, the “monstrum” concept defined something exceptional that normally is not present in nature. According to Freud, a monster is not only a sort of distorted figure of humanity but also something like the horror at the core of all human existence.

Classic gothic creatures like Frankenstein’s creature, Quasimodo or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde can all be considered as a sort of warnings of divine wrath for all of us; for example, these three portray respectively in a metaphoric way the danger of substituting for God, the fear for deformities, and the threat to liberate your own wild side from the social convention. In a few words, through human history, monsters have been exploited extensively to teach moral lessons to the biggest number of people. They are more than mere fantastic beings, they’re allegories who warn us about the dangers a person could meet.

By the way, not all of them are scaring, like many Japanese yokai; monsters could be also positive figures that help humans in their daily life. And based on traditional tales, in 1995, one year before the launch of Pokémon; Tecmo released the first episode of a series in which the main characters were cute & friendly monsters, its title was Monster Farm.
The story is simple, scattered among the world there are mystical relics known as “disc stones” who contains monsters, and the person who frees them will be recognized as the one and only master. So, many people have started to collect them to raise the most powerful beings to train and eventually let fight them each other; now a new generation of breeders is here, let’s work hard to become the greatest trainer ever with Monster Farm 2 for Nintendo Switch!

Don’t be reckless!

Including more than lovely 400 creatures to create & breed; the new version of this classic of the 90s features all the legendary head to head fighting action that will turn your gaming room into an actual farm where the monsters can bounce around freely, and train hard to unleash their inner superpowers. If you have played the original PlayStation version, you’ll surely remember that each monster was created using music CDs. Well, in Monster Farm 2 for NS you can leave them untouched because a TITANIC database of songs has been included in the game-card; so the process creation is easier than ever, you must only choose your favorite track from the list, and the game is made!

Baku, Dryad, Big Blue, Selketo, and all the other wacky superstars are here to battle again and again to help you to reach the top of the monster breeder league.  An impressive training program waits for them; anyway, bear in mind that monsters do not live only to fight. Cuddle them, feed them, and nurture them; do it well, and they’ll grow cuter & happy day by day, this is the secret of any self-respecting farmer.
As any sensitive creature, even the monsters have their own needs to satisfy; neglect them, and you’ll have to face the consequences!

Monster Farm 2 for Nintendo Switch is a very unique game. Easy to master, and addictive as anything else; release the full potential of your monsters with this digital-only gem. And they’ll soon turn themselves into the cutest ultimate fighting machines ever appeared on Earth!


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