KonoSuba for PS4 & NS – Goddess bless these clothes!

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Kono Yokubō no Ishō ni Chōai wo!

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Fashionista Visual Adventure

The first known forms of human clothing can be found among the Neandertal civilization that can be dated between 200,000 and 30,000 years ago. As an early kind of homo sapiens; these proto-humans have developed tools for the hunt, built shelters, and obviously wrap to protect themselves from the cold. While the primitive cultures simply wore animal hides; it’s only with Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures that more complex dresses have been made for the royals and the nobles.
The Egyptians especially were really fascinated by appearance, and to be always at their best; most of them used high-quality linen dresses, elaborate wigs, and many other ornaments which – all together – shown everyone the status and the taste of a certain person. In a few words, we can write with confidence that since ancient times that clothes make the man.

Style at its wildest!

This ancestral characteristic is important even today and involves practically all the 7.8 billion people who live on this planet. If you have visited Tokyo, you have surely witnessed how all of its special wards are defined not only by architecture or history but also by the cloth style of the people who are there. To be clearer, here some examples. In Shibuya we can find the most rebellious young people; starting from the iconic Shibuya 109 tower, and down down to the littlest fashion shop on Dogenzaka, through the decades hundred thousands of Gyaru, Yamamba, and Gyaru-O, walk among the streets to reclaim their liberation from the traditional society of the adults.

Or the (now) global phenomenon of the cosplay trend which is born in Akihabara & Ikebukuro to gather manga and anime fans in a subculture that invaded the world within very few years.
In any case whatever your taste in terms of fashion is; everyone wears different dresses following their passions, and this is true also in the virtual worlds of videogames. So, if you want to discover the true power of fashion, you must not miss playing with KonoSuba! Kono Yokubō no Ishō ni Chōai wo! for PS4 & NS!

Kazuma, change your clothes!

In the new KonoSuba game; Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, and all the other stars discover the mysterious Black Slate. Thanks to this magical relic; everyone can get new dresses acquiring new skills. But like many other magical items, even this one contains a curse; in fact, everyone who desires something receives exactly the opposite. If you liked the previous title, you will surely love also KonoSuba! Kono Yokubō no Ishō ni Chōai wo! for PS4 & NS.

Featuring an all-new story; this is an unforgettable visual novel game filled with a huge amount of love for fashion; get ready to put on your best suit to live a brave adventure in which you will soon learn despite all the differences both friendship & style are the greatest things in life. Meet new with new people, wander around new places, and at the same time learn more and more about the magical aesthetic of this wonderful world! Keep our eyes, your mind, and your sensitivity wide open for new kinds of exciting tunes that will raise your soul to incredible and previously unimagined heights.
Stay cool, and don’t forget that in the wonderful KonoSuba world, like this one, after all, fashion is a very important expression.

Don’t look further; if you are a fan of visual novel games & fashion KonoSuba! Kono Yokubō no Ishō ni Chōai wo! for PS4 & NS suits to your style; capture the look and personality of all the KonoSuba superstars digitally or physically, and do your part to restore all to normality!


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