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Date A Live: Ren Dystopia

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Spirit Visual Adventure

Light novels (ライトノベル) is a particular literal genre that has a huge success in Japan; known also Ranobe or LN, their origin can be found in the Japanese pulp magazines of the 70s when the articles about new movies, anime, and video games started to be illustrated to appeal even more readers.
From those articles, aspiring authors began to write short tales with their favorite characters as protagonists, and the best ones have appeared on very popular magazines such as Comptiq or Dengeki G’s Magazine.

In addition, due to the popularity increase; in recent years even more light novels appeared on the bookshop shelves becoming an essential part of the pop-japan culture. Normally illustrated by the best artists of the Pixiv online community; titles like Slayers, Sword Art Online, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Overlord, Re: Zero, or KonoSuba born as light novels (on paper and web). But among these series, there is another one which stands out above the rest: Date A Live!

A leap into the magical…

Written by Kōshi Tachibana, and illustrated by Tsunako; this romantic sci-fi series is set in an alternate reality in which the mysterious spatial quake destroyed the center of Eurasia. The cause of this phenomenon is the Spirits; sentient beings from another dimension who aim to conquer our world. To prevent, the young student Shidō Itsuka join the Ratatoskr, a squad who aim to save the spirits from the violent attacks of the Anti-Spirit Team, a governmental organization which mission is to find and eventually destroy all the spirits.

So far, 22 volumes have been released, but that’s not all; in fact, through the years Date A Live expanded its horizons appearing also in anime, manga, video games, and full-length movies. And today, for the joy of its many fans both in Japan and abroad; a new Date A Live video game is finally available exclusively for PS4. Get ready to live a brand new adventure with Date A Live: Ren Dystopia!

Wherever you need me to go, I’ll follow!

After an almost sleepless night tormented by visions, and odd voices; Shidō wakes up finding on his bedside a mysterious box with a snake engraved on the top. In the first place, he thinks that this is some kind of sick joke, but nobody knows anything about it; so, the only thing to do is the open the box, and… it’s up to you to discover what happens… hehehe…

In Date A Live: Ren Dystopia for PS4; you must help Shidō to face a new batch of mysterious existences coming from bordering dimensions; exploiting his sealing power as never before, you are called to contain an unpredictable evil power originated from a white harlequin spirit known as Ren. But is she really wicked or she only tries to save as many spirits as she can? The answer is hidden in the game; it’s up to you to find it.
Meet all the spirits you have already encountered through the pages of the light novels in all their glory, and let’s just hope they don’t cause any other spatial quake.

Full of features expected that you come to expect from a title of its pedigree; the fourth Date A Live installment is something absolutely unmissable if you are a fan of greatly written mystery stories, and greater adventure games. Exploring different dimensions from Shidō’s perspective; opens your eyes to embark on new emotional territories. Featuring a multi-branched plot, multiple endings, a huge amount of replayability, and much more; prepare for an unforgettable journey in pure visual novel style digitally or physically.
A new emotional cycle has started; many hopeless spirits ask for your help now!


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