Panzer Dragoon Remake for PS4 – Dragon, let’s change the world!

Panzer Dragoon Remake

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Fantasy Shoot’em Up

According to the middle-ages bestiaries, they are the greatest of all serpents on earth. No, they are not anacondas; the are dragons!
From the East Asia legends to the European cathedrals; they have appeared in hundreds of thousands of opuses embracing all the aspects of human life. But if we go back to the dawn of civilization; we will discover that Gaius Plinius Secondus commonly known as Pliny the Elder, described them in his Natural History. According to the Roman naturalist: “The dragon is a serpent destitute of venom. Its head placed beneath the threshold of a door, the gods being duly propitiated by prayers, will ensure good fortune to the house, it is said”.

Also in ancient China, contrary to western countries in which it is a symbol of evil in the chivalric tradition, dragons are beneficent beings that produce rain, and they contain the essence of the Yang principle. As a mixture of very powerful terrestrial animals: deer horns, camel head, snake neck, carp scales, and eagle claws; they are worshipped as fathers of the great emperors of ancient times, and as the protectors of the east direction.

Step forth brave dragon!

A so powerful creature could not be confined in huge bestiaries or oral tales. We can encounter it inside a plethora of comics, movies, anime, and videogames that through the decades turned the dragon into a pop-cultural myth. Just to name a few; we are pretty sure that everyone has heard Smaug, Shenron, or Falkor at least once. But other than them there’s a dragon that left its mark in the heart of millions of gamers since 1995; Blau, the unforgettable protagonist of Panzer Dragoon.

Appeared on Sega Saturn, Game Gear, and Xbox; this series is made by four main chapters who tell the legend of the dragon riders against the evil Empire which aims to conquer all the territories of this enchanted world. If you’ve never played it (or you want to rediscover this masterpiece); now you have the chance to enjoy the first episode on PlayStation 4 with Panzer Dragoon Remake!

Blue Skies & Dragons

Join the dragoon rider Keil Fluge, a member of a hunter party who encounters a fight between two dragons, and ride your faithful blue dragon; together you can win a mortal war against the Prototype Dragon before it reaches the tallest tower of the imperial capital.
Enriched by revamped graphics, improved control system, a remastered soundtrack, and much more; in Panzer Dragoon Remake for PS4 you must check every direction, and when an enemy comes nearer… shoot.

Hordes of Empire soldiers will try to destroy you, but you have nothing to worry about because holding the fire button down, you can lock on to multiple targets that can be hit once you release it.
Fly high traversing boundless deserts, legendary ancient ruins, once crowded cities, and many other territories to reach the tower before your foe. Using a highly technological laser beam, you can change the destiny of a whole world-saving your people from ruthless tyranny.

Get ready to turn the tide of war with Panzer Dragoon Remake for PS4; this digital-only masterpiece is also the beginning of a saga that amazed millions of players throughout the Earth.
A boy, a dragon, and YOU are the only hope to save all; enjoy the ultimate frantic fantasy shooting action. Keep your eyes widely open, shoot straight & keep moving; one false move and it’s the end for you and your world!


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