Ys Origin for Nintendo Switch – Legend starts here!

Ys Origin

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Action RPG

Started in 1987 on the NEC PC-8801, Ys is a Japanese Action-RPG series developed and published by Nihon Falcom. Appeared on more than 20 platforms. These legendary titles encompassed all that a JRPG fan looking in a game: epic stories, daring characters, fantastic gameplay, and a beautiful soundtrack!
Second only to Final Fantasy, this is globally renowned as the largest franchise with 15 chapters released for any machine including NES, PC-Engine, Sega Genesis, PSP, and PlayStation 4. Its huge popularity both in Japan and in Western countries transcended the game industry. Between 1989 and 1991 a couple of OVA anime series has been released. During its 7 episodes, people could unveil all the events that occurred between the firsts two chapters of the video game installment.

Finally, after Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana; the hugely beloved Ys series returns on Nintendo Switch with Ys OriginSet 700 years before the events of the first chapter; Ys Origin takes place in a fabulous world full of magic. Protected by the powerful Twin Goddesses; this world is a land of joy where all its inhabitants live peacefully. But, one day from the bowels of the planet, an evil horde of demons invaded the surface.

We’ve got the power!

After a long, intense battle the Goddesses abandoned the land refuging in the land above the clouds. To celebrate their victory the wicked creatures erected the massive Darm Tower to reclaim their dominion over the humans world.
With common people reduced in slavery, three brave heroes –Yunica Tovah, the former leader of the Holy Knights; Hugo Fact, the young Priest; and the mysterious Toal Fact –!
Joining their forces, they’ve started an epic adventure to restore the whole world, and set the people free from the demonic subjugation.

Ys Origin for Nintendo Switch, it’s pure, genuine epicness!
Featuring eye-popping visuals and effects, friendly user interface and menus, four legendary game modes, and much more; this is the perfect mix of action, exploration, and puzzles. Its bag full of innovative gameplay elements will let you leave you breathless for sure (and that will let you also hoping for more games of this caliber).
Push your heroic skills toward new heavenly heights. With its deep gameplay and a full-throttle story full of twists, and sinister characters, this tale will immerse you in a vast world that will let you exploit immensely the power of body and mind.

So, raise up your spirit… only you have the power to call the Goddesses at your side!
Count on your reflexes, and try to push back those demons to the underworld, if you succeed you’ll be remembered forever as the world’s greatest hero ever lived on Ys digitally or physically with this new, unmissable milestone of the JRPG genre!

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