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Who We Are

Since establishing ourselves over two decades ago as the reliable source of video game products, ensuring ‘Freedom’ for our fellow gamers from all the hurdles that keep them from just gaming has been at the core of what we do. We do not simply list products out of thin air, nor do we simply source digital codes from just anywhere. We pride ourselves on the quality of the goods that we offer.

When you buy from Playasia, you buy directly from us. We are not a platform for resellers, if there is a problem, we will take care of it. If you have a question, we are equipped to answer it. We feel confident to make these claims because we are the very ones diligently sourcing our listed products from an established network of trusted and endorsed partners.

No Surprise Fees

Listing anything other than the true final price or hiding fees behind menus and ‘services’ is antithetical to our core values of Freedom & Transparency. When it comes to pricing it is paramount to be fair and competitive, a mindset that has been reinforced repeatedly over our 17 years of service.

Many of our ecommerce peers may list prices on their websites that are not final. You may be lured into viewing certain websites only to find extra fees and charges added in the checkout process. These fees tend to stem from choosing certain payment methods or value-added services, such as a warranty that the code you are buying actually works! Playasia customers have no use for such paid services because it goes without saying that products we offer will work, and if there is an issue it is resolved at our expense.

Payment Methods

Regardless of payment method chosen, the price you see on the product page will remain as advertised. Competitors may come up with reasons why extra fees needs to be justified, usually placing the onus on the customer because the choice of payment! If a payment method is accepted by Playasia then you can be sure it will be treated the same way as any other! Our customers are located all throughout the globe, making it imperative to keep access free, open, and equal, for everyone!

When shopping with Playasia you can be confident:

  • Your product will be valid, legal, and functional.
  • Prices shown on a product page are the real prices.
  • Payment methods used will not affect product price.
  • No surprise “recommended” services offered at checkout.

A big “Thank You” to all our loyal customers! We are happy to serve you!

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  1. Dirk says:

    Thanks for being there for us.

  2. Al says:

    Hi do you accept AlipayHK? Your payment methods only show Alipay.

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