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Hardcore Mecha

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Mechtacular Game

Coined by the Czech writer and playwright Karel Čapek; the word robot appeared for the very first time in the 1920 sci-fi play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots). Anticipating the concepts of androids, the story, developed in three acts plus the epilogue, tells the facts and the consequences of a robot rebellion against human beings. Hailed as “brilliant, clear, honorable, blackly funny, and prophetic” by Kurt Vonnegut; R.U.R. Mentioned in dozens of movies, TV series, and video games including Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; without any doubt, it is an actual classic of the sci-fi dystopian literature. Anyway despite the recent birth of the word; the concept of the robot takes us back to ancient Greece with the mechanical servants built by the fire god Hephaestus.

Since then many other automatized machines has been developed among different civilizations, but only in 1928 the first humanoid robot has been drawn in public during the annual exhibition of the Model Engineers Society in London, his name was Eric, and he changed the world of technology forever. Nowadays, robots are daily used in many activities, but most of them are still confined in hypothetical scenarios.

Super Robots Go Go Go!

Transformers, Mobile Suit Gundam, Mazinger Z are probably the best examples of global robotic imaginary; in fact, these characters are very known also among the youngest generations. Mechs are commonly present on the streets through gachapon machines, apparel, and also giant statues, but for now, only video games can give us the opportunity to pilot them. With much-beloved series such as Armored Core or Super Robot Wars; we can feel the extreme sensation of how a mechs-piloting session should be, taking part in harsh battles both on Earth, and on the farthest side of the universe. But luckily for us; today that impeccable mecha wonder known as Hardcore Mecha is available for Nintendo Switch!

Welcome to the next robo-hell!

Founded four years ago on Kickstarter in a very short time; this 2D mechawesome action game offers all that any fan has always dreamed to play.
Winning A LOT of awards before and after its original release on PlayStation 4; Hardcore Mecha for NS is set in 2221 A.D., our planet is a big inhospitable wasteland, all of this is caused by pollution and overpopulation. So, millions of people left it to find a new home on Mars; this means new habits, customs, and a very different lifestyle.

Treated as second-class citizens; the Martians launched a sudden attack on the Earth proclaiming their independence. Now the war is at a crucial point; and each faction can win it through those 26-foot tall metal titans. It’s time to eradicate the enemies without mercy. Featuring a lot of playable mechs; this gem features a rich 2D anime art-style, explosive gameplay mechanics, smooth animations, astonishing music, and much more!

In every single aspect, Hardcore Mecha for NS is simply WOW. Destroy everything on your path; this is a pure all-heavy action game that homage retro masterpieces of the 90s like Assault Suit Valken or Target Earth.
Play with something outstanding digitally or physically at a very reasonable price; the planet needs you now; deploy your mech-squadron, and attack when ready!


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