The Red lantern for NS – Lose yourself in the white desert!

The Red Lantern

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Arctic Adventure

Since the age of the Vikings dogs are considered very important in the Scandinavian culture; present in the mythology and in literature, everyone, from the richest village chief to the last of the warriors, kept a dog not only as a pet but also as a working animal.

Go North with your dogs!

While cats were the animals consecrated to the goddess Freyja, dogs were associated with Odin; especially Geri and Freki. Portrayed as two magnificent wolves; both of them always accompanied the father of the gods in all of his travels among the Nine Worlds. But they are not the only celestial dogs; in fact, even the Hel, the queen of the underworld, was accompanied by the fierce wolf Garm who was also the guardian of the other world.

Anyway if we analyze dogs in a prosaic way; we will discover that during the Viking era dogs were trained and used in several daily activities, and the more dogs a man owned the more was respected. In fact, many archaeological excavations bring back to light a lot of dog’s skeletons who have been buried together with their masters; also was commonly believed that the greatest warriors and their dogs were admitted in Odin’s great hall of Valhalla.

Nowadays in the whole Arctic Polar Cycle, dogs are still used as means of transport; their use started around 9000 years ago, and with the sled dogs millions of people could reach previously inaccessible locations connecting very far villages within few hours, or days in the worst cases.
Some of them became actual legendary barking superstars; names like Balto or Togo are very famous, and many books, comics, and movies have been dedicated to them. The indie developer Timberline Studio wanted to honor all of these tireless companions of adventures, and the result is something very spectacular; The Red Lantern for Nintendo Switch!

You are never alone!

The Red Lantern is a truly poetic nindie title; you are an unnamed individual lost in the wild with the only company of your 5 sled dogs; with the precious help of these faithful animals, you have the unique opportunity to explore far & wide a remote continent where the ice is the master. In there, a lot of never seen before wild creatures live; some of them are friendly, and unafraid of humans, while some others are very ferocious and always ready to fight to protect themselves, to dominate over all the other creatures, or simply to get food.

So, you must be ready for any situation, because in The Red Lantern for Nintendo Switch you must rely only on yourself. Travel along the artic white desert; this is a truly breathtaking experience, and you will soon learn all the habits, the abilities, and the weaknesses of the inhabitants of this wild continent.
Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll be forced to kill these natural wonders; so… stay always alert while you’re tracking them. Don’t forget that here you are only a rookie who struggles to survive!

Live a new unforgettable digital-only experience; The Red Lantern for Nintendo Switch exceeds all your expectations. Unveil all the secrets of artic continent simply using Joy-Cons; far away, on the horizon, many surprises can suddenly appear in front of you. Explore it, you and your dogs will encounter dozens of wild creatures whose natures are true to the spirit of this remote frontier. During the years many determined people have tried to know more about this land, but few have succeeded.
Now it’s your turn; equip as best as you can, and set off to conquer it!


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