Kamen Rider: memory of heroez for PS4 & NS – When heroes gather…

Kamen Rider: memory of heroez

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Superhero Action

The Showa era (昭和時代), is the period of Japanese history that identifies the years between 1926 and 1989. Under Emperor Hirohito, the Japanese people have lived tragic events like WWII, and very happy moments like the so-called “Japanese Miracle”; when the economy grew three times faster than other major nations without any help from foreign countries. But the Showa era is important also for the pop-culture side; indeed this can be considered as the “golden age” of the Kaiju Eiga, and the Tokusatsu TV series.

Some of the most Japanese pop-icons has been created during that period such as Godzilla; that in the first movies it was portrayed as an evil, destructive monster – a perfect metaphor to represent the power of the atomic bomb – and only with the release of “Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster” (1964), he became the heroic monster who battle against other titanic creatures to keep safe Japan.

But the mighty King of Monsters wasn’t alone. In fact, from many parallel dimensions; others pop-superstars have reached the TV screens of the Land of the Rising Sun. All of them have created a new batch of superheroes which adventures continue still today. Ultraman, Daimajin, Kikaider, Spider-Man, and above all the one and only Kamen Rider!

Fight for Justice!

Created in 1971 by the vivid imagination of Shōtarō Ishinomori, the person behind masterpieces like Cyborg 009, Hoshi no Ko Chobin or Himitsu Sentai Gorenger; Kamen Rider was hailed as a real innovator in the ultra-pop Tokusatsu genre, challenging its traditional rules this series introduced a previously unexpressed sense of drama that made a more mature hero capable to attract also the attention of millions of adults. We can witness also a sort of “sense of sacred”; when the transformation process starts, every spectator takes part in the henshin ritual in which a new suit is summoned to transform a mortal into a sort of celestial being who can help all of us to live a better life eradicating the evil from the world.

We can safely say that before henshin, we are no different from the protagonists; they can be hurt and even be killed, and more than in other Tokusatsu series, in Kamen Rider the human’s ordinary side is emphasized.
Due to these reasons; through the years Kamen Rider has grown hugely in popularity appearing in thousands of t-shirts, music albums, toys, video games, and many other gadgets. And if also you (like all of us) want to be a real hero, you will be happy to know that the brand new Kamen Rider: memory of heroez will arrive tomorrow for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

We need you with us… Get on!

Starring Kamen Rider Zero-One, Kamen Rider Double & Kamen Rider OOO; Kamen Rider: memory of heroez for PS4 and NS is set in Sector City, a place surrounded by mystery. In there, these three superheroes must investigate a certain Doctor Aida, and on the presence of a powerful warrior marked by letter X. Who are they? How are they connected? This is the time to unveil these mysteries for the sake of all humanity.
Ride into the biggest battlefield ever seen in any other Kamen Rider’s game; wield your blades, guns, and your Kamen Rider’s special powers to keep the enemy hordes under control.

You can also race into Sector City with their bikes to save allies from total annihilation. This is surely the most authentic interactive Kamen Rider experience in many years; but to make it more and more faithful to the original TV shows; the unique Premium TV Sound Edition, which includes the opening and ending songs as part of the background music, allows you to choose the epic theme for the fights!

Henshin yourself into a superhero digitally or physically; luckily for all of us, Kamen Rider: memory of heroez for PS4 and NS continues the Kamen Rider legacy, we are so happy to become one of the greatest superheroes ever appeared once again!


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