Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia for NS – Be a one-man army!

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Card Action-RPG

The world of Collectible Card Games is filled with legendary wonders; this legend began in 1993 when a mathematician, inventor, and game designer called Richard Garfield invented what is considered the first modern card game: Magic: The Gathering.
Inspired by the milestones of the genre such as Baseball Card Game or Illuminati; using colors as means to accomplish player’s objectives through black, white, green, red, and blue cards every card reveals more about the approach to life of each one of us.

The ones who use black, are people who aim to obtain a great power; if you choose a white deck, you are a spiritual person who aims to build a lasting peace; as the color of nature, the green players are determined to preserve harmony; the free spirits are associated to red color, with it they are ready to act to win, and if you are a blue player you have a thirst for knowledge, and you believe that that this is the only way to achieve perfection.
Due to this unique gameplay system, enriched by very beautiful illustrations; Magic: The Gathering is the progenitor of many other collectible card games that gave us thousands of hours of unforgettable fun. Well-known series like Star Wars, Pokémon, Digimon, or Duel Master got their card incarnation; but, among all of them, there is one series that stands out above all others… Bakugan!!!

Gather your decks!

Using cards + miniatures; Bakugan is a truly unique strategy game squirmed out from the brilliant mind of Aldric Saucier.
Set in Vestroia, a planetary system located in an alternative dimension, kept in perfect balance by its six mystic worlds; Pyrus (Fire), Haos (Light), Darkus (Darkness), Subterra (Earth), Ventus (Wind) & Aquos (Water), in Vestroia extremely powerful beings can be summoned by cards.
This is exactly what happened to Dan Kuso & his closest friend Shun Kazami; the day they collected some cards fell from the sky, their lives changed forever.

To save all the worlds from certain destructions, Dan, Shun, and many other young aspiring heroes scattered among the system joined their forces to fight against the wicked Doom Beings. Through a big number of manga, anime, video games, and many other releases; this Canadian-Japanese multimedia project is hugely beloved by millions of people around the world.
So for the joy of all the fans; finally the brand new interactive adventure Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch!

No Bakugan, No Glory!

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia for NS expand the universe to new incredible heights of immersion; part action game, part RPG, and part CCG, is not a simple video game, but a totally new experience that will let you ask for more & more.  
Requiring tons of brain skills, strategy, and imagination; this title offers us a burning wild assortment of Bakugan creatures, extraordinary powers, and vivid 3D environments to explore in complete freedom, create your fantastic dream team to save Vestroia and Earth from total annihilation.

The destiny is in your hands, you must be ready to increase your battle power unlocking secret cards; so be sure to keep your deck to the bright spots of your whole mission. Customize it adjusting each card to your strategical needs; in Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia for NS your ultimate aim is to reduce your opponent’s HP to zero before he/she does it to you. But, be careful though, as this game will have you addicted to it in no time!

The time has come!
Challenge the strongest beings in the two dimensions digitally or physically with Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia for Nintendo Switch, and see what it takes to become a true savior of worlds!


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