Serious Sam Collection for PS4, NS & XB1 – Time to get serious!

Serious Sam Collection

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: FPS Collection

In the beginning, the man created Maze War…
Developed in 1973 by Greg Thompson, Howard Palmer, and Steve Colley for the glorious Imlac PDS-1, Maze War is considered the first first-person shooter ever made. At that time, the concept of “computer network” was something too innovative for common people, but big companies, universities & government agencies were interconnected through the so-called Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork), one of the firsts networks that used the TCP/IP protocol which is nowadays used for the Internet. Thanks to it; Maze War could be played among several universities scattered in the U.S.A. laying the foundations of now we call multiplayer option.
This vector game brings to light not only a whole genre, but its particular graphic style inspired also actual FPRPGs masterpieces such as Phantasy Star or Dungeon Master. Obviously, the popularity of FPS games grows hugely through the years; leading to legendary series like Doom, Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, and many other ones.

All of them are set in tragically mature worlds where there’s no space for humor. But, as in all families, also in this one there is an outsider; and, in this one, its name is Serious Sam!
Composed by three episodes (with the fourth on the way), Serious Sam is not an FPS like all the other; in fact, the Croatian developing team Croteam inserted a huge amount of oddity in there. Space pharaohs, interdimensional monsters, biomechanical warships are only a few examples of what you can fight to save the universe a bullet at a time. If you never had the chance to play it before, you will be happy to know that now the glorious Serious Sam Collection is finally available for PS4, NS & XB1!!!

That’s Sam Stone’s way (and we like it)!

Let’s bring back the onslaught of galactic proportions!
Serious Sam Collection for PS4, NS & XB1 is not a generic, large-scale, orchestral scored, Space Marine-themed epic FPS with dialogs that pretends it’s an RPG… actually it is a frenetic, ultra fast-paced run and gun, twitch FPS; in here you can find big guns, tons of enemies, eye-popping graphics, and last but not least an incredible dose of humor elevated to the third power.
Yes! In this collection you can enjoy Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, and Serious Sam 3: BFE plus ALL the add-ons released so far… and we are talking of very unmissable ones like huuuugeeee levels, never seen before brave adventurers, powerful weapons, and much more. All together, they make a revamped burning experience of this classic series.
Get in the rumble alone or with the help of up to 4 allies; put on your sunglasses to save the day as anyone else can do. The aliens are back in town, but that ain’t no problem at all; just load your guns and shoot them down.
Take yourself on three stress-relieving journeys where your guts make your decisions for you!

Shine your fire weapons digitally with Serious Sam Collection for PS4, NS & XB1; because Sam Stone was, is, and will forever be immortalized in gaming history, and this is his legend!


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