Grisaia Phantom Trigger 05 for NS – There’s a girl who live a life of danger!

Grisaia Phantom Trigger 05

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Secret Agent Visual Novel

Created by the Japanese studio Frontwing in 2011; the multimedia project known as The Fruit of Grisaia is one of the most acclaimed IPs both in Japan and abroad. But not all know that all began with an eroge visual novel for Windows.
Yes, you have read correctly!
At its very beginning this popular series, which now includes a large number of manga, anime, drama CDs, web-radio shows, and several gaming adaptations; was nothing but a psychological drama visual novel enriched with mature scenes.

It was so good that it won not only the 2011’s Grand Prize during the Moe Game Awards, but also it received some other Gold Prizes for True Love, Scenario, Theme Song, and User’s Choice categories. Following these excellent results; Frontwing has begun to expand Grisaia’s universe; and in very few years this series became one of the most popular bishōjo series across Japan; overcoming the boundaries to reach a lot of attention also from the gamers who live in western countries.

In parallel with the main series; Frontwing developed also a spin-off series entitled Grisaia Phantom Trigger.
Starring Shiori Arisaka, Haruto Aoi, Rena Fukami, Murasaki Ikoma, Sakurako Christina Kujirase & Touka Shishigaya, this side-series sees all of these people who are actually secret agents of the Social Ops Research & Development agency which main mission is to protect from any present and future threats.
So far seven episodes have been released for PC, and at the moment only four of them are available also on Nintendo Switch… but for the joy of all the beautifully written and illustrated visual novels, finally, also the fifth chapter is now present on the Nintendo eShop; so put on your best suit to meet your new colleagues in Grisaia Phantom Trigger 05

Hi, big sis!

If you never had the chance to play it, this is the best chance to live a deeply emotional espionage adventure in which the true feelings of all the SORD Agency’s agents come out.
Soon after the mission at the Kitaoka University; Yuuki, the Murasaki older sister, returns to Japan to join the agency as a Class A agent. More brilliant and sociable than Murasaki, she became the new point of reference in no time; feeling set aside Murasaki start to interrogate herself about her past and the true meaning of her job; in fact, as a test of loyalty, she was asked to kill Yuuki…

Even if it seems a very traditional visual novel at a first, superficial glance; Grisaia Phantom Trigger 05 for Nintendo Switch is very much more. Obviously, it is a visual novel at heart, but soon after you have pressed start; you will assume that behind all the fair amount of text to enjoy. Yes… here there is also a deeply emotional story, a stellar cast of characters, and an impressive soundtrack that makes this title such a unique, and unforgettable game. In a few words, it is something you should try even if you’re not a fan of the visual novel genre.

Think like Murasaki, act like Murasaki!

Discover Murasaki’s past, in this way you will understand the reasons behind her cold personality; pushing her to the limit, Grisaia Phantom Trigger 05 reveals all the contradictions of the human soul in a voyage into the past of the exceptionally gifted Russian Ninja. Train highly to improve skills to an almost supernatural level, and get ready to protect the whole world from any present and future threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Play it in English, Japanese or Chinese; try this digital-only gem to connect your heart and your soul with Murasaki, and all the other SORD agents. Follow them, and with their precious aid; you will you’ll find new friends that will accompany you in one of the most fantastic adventures you’ve always dreamt of!


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