Granblue Fantasy X Kimetsu no Yaiba Event – Slay the Sky Demons!

Granblue Fantasy X Kimetsu no Yaiba

Mobile Devices Ι Genre: Battle demons in the Skydoms event

30 July 1912 – 25 December 1926, these are the dates of the Taishō Era; a period of profound changes in which many liberal movements raised, together with a revolutionary modernization that changed the lives of millions of people in few years.Despite this, people customs were still stuck in the tradition, in fact during the period wealthy exponents of the samurai class could buy one of the first cars, but among the common people, ancient legends and beliefs continue to exists, and demon slayers offered their services to all people in need. Probably you know the legend of Tanjiro Kamado and how he passed to be a charcoal seller to one of the greatest demon slayers throughout the Land of the Rising Sun!

His story has been retold (and made popular) by the mangaka Koyoharu Gotōge in the hugely popular Kimetsu no Yaiba. Started in 2016; in only four years this series is one of the best-selling manga of all time, and due to this the adventures of Tanjiro don’t stop to printed paper appearing also on celluloid, theater stages, and obviously on game systems.

But today something very unexpected will come… something that extends the boundaries to previously unbelievable countries; in fact, it’s time for the Demon Slayer Corps to liberate the Sky World with the much-awaited Granblue Fantasy X Kimetsu no Yaiba event for mobile!

Humans & demons cross their paths!

When two huge hits of this caliber join their forces; the result is nothing but a real masterpiece. Starring Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Kyojuro, and all the other samurai warriors that make this series so great; in the one & only Granblue Fantasy X Kimetsu no Yaiba event for mobile we can meet ‘n greet hordes of dark creatures which objective is to devour all the inhabitants of the Skydoms.

So, we are called to join our forces with them, and get ready to face hordes of shadowy creatures exploiting incredible powers, explosive blood demon arts, or super rare Nichirin blades. The more demons will be slain, the more respect we will gain; and we can get our hands on bags of exclusive treasures.

Together with this band of manga superstars; you can save all those mythical floating islands from certain ruin; enjoy the unique chance to bring a little bit of Kimetsu no Yaiba’s awesome atmosphere anytime, anywhere with the Granblue Fantasy X Kimetsu no Yaiba crossover event!
A new quest begins on our mobile devices; we will be together, forever…


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