Indie World Sale – Expand your gaming tastes!

Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure Nindiemagination…
Nintendo Switch is without any doubt the best console for all the ones who love indie games; every week in the Nintendo eShop the list of the so-called Nindies is getting longer. Covering a large number of genres and styles; all of them are unmissable masterpieces developed from gamers to gamers with a huge amount of love!

To spread the word, from now until December 27 you can increase your digital gaming collection with dozens of them at a very cheap price; so, R U ready to play with the most interesting titles of the whole indie scene? Thanks to the Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Codes, you’ll not only grab loads of them until you fill the hard drive up, but also help the small development studios to develop and release new, and innovative games in the future!Stay tuned, tons of independent games are only waiting for you!

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – 20% OFF

Get ready for some legendary Rock ‘n’ roll Action!
Can you hear that noise? It seems the roar of a motorbike…yes, it’s the Schpeltiger. This means that Travis Touchdown is coming for a new mission. If you haven’t trained your body and soul to new killing activity, now is the right time to do it. Because only three days standing between us and the release of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes!

The brand new chapter catapults us LITERARY in the charming wonderland of video games. The Death Drive Mk II is the latest console developed by Dr. Juvenile, a brilliant creative mind who developed a new kind of memory storage; the Death Balls (a type of cartridge that is similar to human eyeballs). Able to provide the most realistic gaming experience, Travis turned it on, and now he has been sucked into the six digital worlds inside the machine, and the one who can beat all of them without lose life will have one wish granted.
This is the only way to return to the real world & to be crowned as the number one assassin!

Celeste – 50% OFF

The Celeste Mountain is one of the tallest and most cursed mountains worldwide…
Many demons live in its recesses, and only the fearless young girl Madeline can reach its top. As she ascends the mountain, the original inhabitants will try to kill her, but with your aid, she could survive and accomplish her duty. Watch your step, because on the road you’ll find hundreds of breakable platforms made of softwood and many other obstacles that can let fall you without hesitation.

The higher you climb and more secrets you unveil, indeed inside the Celeste Mountain, you’ll find a lot of caves and rooms carved in the stone that can be used as a safe shelter, and also find new items or long-forgotten treasures. Thanks to its simple and accessible controls, Madeline will be able to jump, dash, and climb to go deeper into this great adventure full of extremely challenging stages, brutal side quests, and a unique cast of bizarre characters, each one with his own story and reason to reach the top.
So, what are you waiting for? Take a long breathe and start an inner voyage with Celeste!

Cuphead – 30% OFF

Strongly inspired by the phantasmagoric cartoons realized by Fleischer Studios; Cuphead is a lovely and passionate homage to the roaring 30s!
Carrying a huge dose of creativity and energy; the team behind it has released one of the most influential works for future generations. With its inner sense of poetry, and its innovations Cuphead is a new kind of interactive art that combines masterfully cinema, drawing, and painting. Enjoy a very unique run-and-gun game in which the two main characters, Cuphead and Mugman, must travel across strange worlds. Filled with very well-hidden secrets, explore all of them to face the devil himself, while you’ll acquire new weapons and super abilities.

Gracefully animated using a traditional hand-drawn & hand inked cel technique; you’ll be astonished by the magical wonderworld full of big bosses, stylish watercolor backgrounds, and original Jazz & Ragtime music. All of it will bring you back into the 1930s. A magical decade that witnessed a proliferation of new technologies, especially in the fields of aviation, radio, film, and obviously animation!
If you’re looking for a thrilling and challenging title lovely packed with the original irreverent and wacky sense of humor of 30s cartoons, then don’t miss it!

VA-11 Hall-A – 34 % OFF

Dear guest, welcome to the one and only VA-11 Hall-A club!
In VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action you can find all types of living beings: humans, robots, cyborgs, and even aliens. Everyone who gets through its doors can relax, chat, and not least drink the best cocktails of the whole city, and an ultra-fast Wireless LAN. Providing a great story worthy of the best of William Gibson’s novels; in this unconventional adventure you’ll be called hard to serve the best drinks in town, the harder you’ll work, and the more customers will walk through the entrance door.

Listen to their stories and provide them valuable advice to solve intricated situations. In change, they will tell you new info about the latest rumors in town to use them to your advantage. Mix unconventional ingredients to create even new beverages to serve; at VA-11 Hall-A club the seats are plush, the lighting is low, and the cocktails are something exceptional.
Let feel old and new customers welcome preparing exquisite beverages, original small dishes, all seasoned with nostalgic Retro-Cyber delights!

Fight Crab – 20% OFF

The first rule of Fight Crab is: You do not talk about Fight Crab!
Colorful, unconventional, and exciting like any other one; starring 23 types of arthropods, in this never seen before game you can take part in the most grueling fighting fest known to marine creatures. Each combatant must be completely focused on the victory; using robust pincers or one of the 48 weapons at your disposal including knives, war hammers, iron fans, and the legendary Excalibur, you must fulfill your destiny to be crowned as the greatest champion of inside and outside the waters. Transcending all the limits of the traditional 3D fighting games; Fight Crab is an all-out battle where reflexes, skill, and timing are essential to defeating all the opponents.

Including a tasteful wealth of stunning special moves, get ready to master all the techniques to perform devastating combos in a truly incredible all-out battle royale for survival in which there is only one single rule: flip the enemy before it does the same to you!
Be superior, move freely within the arena, and hit at the right time to win the duel in a single blow. Enjoy an amazing indie fighting game that you never would have imagined; taste the pain and master the fine art of Crab!

Just in time for Xmas; the Indie World Sale for Nintendo Switch is the best chance if you want to pass the (very) near holiday season in an unforgettable pleasant way!
Use the Instant Nintendo eShop Digital Cards to play with many other titles to suit your Christmas stockings. From Action Games to Cyberpunk Adventures; with them, you’ll create a bag full of good memories for your relatives and friends!


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