Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game CE for PS4, NS & XB1 – Fight Scott

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Complete Edition

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Kick the Evil Exes

Ladies and gentlemen; today we get into the epicness!
That’s right because thanks to the magnificent work of Bryan Lee O’Malley; we can enjoy a new kind of storytelling. Something that is focused on our favorite hobby, and all the culture around it, the so-called Gamer Realism.
All have started in 2004 when Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life was released in comic stores around the world; starring a 23 years old boy, the first graphic novel sees the most famous slacker of the 2000s meet a ninja deliver girl called Ramona Flowers. Unfortunately, Scott must defeat the League of her Evil Exes before living happily together (after all).

Since the first volume, it’s clear the philosophy behind O’Malley’s work; in few words, all the characters are like us, every day we must face daily duties such as family, friends, responsibilities, and so on, but doing it with a gaming approach, we could accomplish them more easily.
Gamer Realism does not only simply mix fantasy and reality; it transcends the borders between them helping Scott to handle the social rules adapting them in the way he prefers to follow to live better. This gives us also a sort of new mythology in which video games are the myths of contemporary society telling stories re-imagine the classical tropes of heroism & quests.

Anyone can be a hero!

With this in mind, we can say that Scott Pilgrim is not just another graphic novel like many other ones; it is something really revolutionary that sees him interact with his world as a gamer does with his game!
Through six volumes, we can find dozens of references to video games, music, movies, and fantasy literature; all of them will be very useful in helping him to unveil Scott’s hidden powers during the showdown with the seven Evil Exes.

Obviously, a so brilliant meta-opus could not be confined in the realm of paper & ink; due also to many awards conquered at the most prestigious conventions; Scott Pilgrim appeared also in a live-action movie, cartoons, and in the legendary video game entitled Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. Now, 11 years after its original release, Scott is coming back on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One with the definitive Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Complete Edition!

Use your fists and not your mouth!

Including ALL the DLCs released so far, new more epic exclusive contents and its traditional 2D state of the art pixel graphics; Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Complete Edition for PS4, NS & XB1 is the wet dream of all the ones who love graphic novels and pop-culture. Alone or with 3 other friends; you have to deal with all the Evil Exes to get their permission to get Ramona’s heart… but how? Well, certainly not with kind words, roses or chocolates; in the crazy universe of Scott Pilgrim’s the only way to convince them to live your love story happily is using punches, kicks, and any other weapon which comes to hands.

Turn yourself in an unstoppable, powerful fighting machine; fight your way through frozen suburbs, magical forests, subspace highways, and many other locations infested by hundreds of minions who only aim to stop the romance between you and Ramona. At the end you will be in the presence of Gideon Graves, the leader of the League of Evil Ex-Boyfriends; this is absolutely NOT like any other beat’em up.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Complete Edition for PS4, NS & XB1 is a typhoon of fresh air: even if you read all the six graphic novels or not, it is simply a must-play game!
Don’t panic, wear your most stylish t-shirt, and fight to keep your world alive digitally!


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