Werewolf Princess Kaguya for NS – Voyage into Myth!

Werewolf Princess Kaguya

Nintendo Switch Ι Mythical Shoot’em up

Since the dawn of humankind, the moon has always attracted people; scientists discovered that our satellite has been created around 4.5 billion years ago when an object of the same size as Mars crashed on Earth. From the debris of the impact, a new celestial body was born.
Composed by a metallic core and a rocky surface; through the millennia many stories about it were told. Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon or Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage Dans la Lune are the best examples of lunar sci-fi tales that, in a certain way, have anticipated the age of scientific explorations. But in the eastern part of Asia, there are many legends about the moon, which is also the traditional method to determine the passing of time, but the most popular one is without any doubt the Taketori Monogatari.

Long, long ago, there lived a very beautiful princess…

This fairy story is the earliest Japanese novel that arrived at us; starring the Princess of the Moon (Kaguya-hime), this late 9th-century story mixes fantastic, adventurous, and romantic elements that are appealing among a large number of readers even today. Actually, the Taketori Monogatari is more than a mere tale; it includes combinations and adaptations of many now-forgotten legends and myths that have been sewed masterfully to create a brand new story that transcends time.

The earliest reference about this masterpiece can be found in the 11th-century novel Genji Monogatari in which the Taketori is mentioned as “the ancestor of all romances”; and opuses such as Sailor Moon, Ōkami, & The Tale of the Princess Kaguya are the greatest contemporary homages to this classic story.
But from today we can enjoy another tribute to Kaguya-hime; get ready to be catapulted in a ghostly traditional Japan, and do your best to save humankind with Werewolf Princess Kaguya for Nintendo Switch!

… who can turn herself into a mighty werewolf!

Filled with fast-paced fun, 2D pixeled art style, and an unforgettable chiptune soundtrack; Werewolf Princess Kaguya for Nintendo Switch is a Nindie shooting game that adds new thrills to the whole genre. Travel through various cursed lands in Heian Japan, and fight through a variety of yokai. But if you can’t defeat them easily, you can always count on your secret power; yes, our beloved Princess of the Moon can turn herself into a savage werewolf if the situation calls for it. Once you did it; you have access to more powers to slain all those evil (but cute) creatures, not bad uh!?

You are the only hope of a whole country; hordes of yokai are determined to conquer our dimension, and just one misstep is enough to fall into their claws. Perfect for gamers who are looking for a challenge, in Werewolf Princess Kaguya for NS you are the last (and toughest) protection force alive; as a celestial deity she is here to eradicate evil, like anyone before.

Time is ticking away… move fast & shoot faster because every second can make the difference; with hundreds of regions to set free; Werewolf Princess Kaguya for Nintendo Switch it’s an astonishing digital-only voyage into the wonders of Japanese legends!


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