Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5 for NS – New class starts now!

Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Academic Visual Novel

Mihama Academy is the school for you!
Established some years ago by Michiaki Sakaki, the president of the East Beach Electric Railway Group; it is a selective institution for the most brilliant young people who will become the leaders of the future. Our students achieve at the highest academic level, and the vast majority of them move into higher education including Stanford, Harvard, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) enjoying positive and co-operative relationships with the teachers.

We encourage our students to be active and responsible citizens through a variety of activities that empower the sense of integration and identity between the year groups and provides leadership opportunities; outside of the classrooms, Mihama Academy provides a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including tennis, music, drama, and many other ones that allow them to develop and prepare for life beyond the school and to develop them for their future careers.
Advance your life to the next level, Mihama Academy is waiting for you!

Shiori Arisaka is the newest teacher of this prestigious school; while at the beginning she has been poorly considered by students and colleagues, just after three months Arisaka-sensei gained a very special position among the academic staff. In fact, thanks to her openness and her sense of duty, she is now the most favorite teacher within the whole school, and many students really want to attend her class. But rumors spreading very fast, and even more, people saying around that at night (and we mean EVERY night) Ms. Arisaka is chased by terrible nightmares who affect her daily life in a very tragic way…
So, it’s time to investigate over them to help her to keep her job at Mihama Academy with Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5 for Nintendo Switch!

My contract must be renewed!

Finally, another chapter of the hugely beloved Grisaia Phantom Trigger series is available for the latest Nintendo console; offering a new unforgettable story, this installment catapults us to the other side of the chair.
While until now we experienced the Mihama Academy’s life as students; in Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5 we can discover what is forbidden to them becoming part of the teaching staff. Featuring more characters, more situations, and more secrets; this visual novel is really something you should play… even if you haven’t tried any previous episode before.

Enriched by dozens of wonderful illustrations by Akio Watanabe (Fireworks, Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream, Higurashi When They Cry); the 5.5 episode allows us to acquire new teaching skills, that will be surely useful to help all the boys and girls after graduation. Read the story, strengthen the bonds with your colleagues, care about the future of your students, and eventually stop those recurring nightmares that make her risk getting fired.

The destiny of Shiori Arisaka is in your hands; help her to keep the job to help future generations of secret agents to turn the world a safe place for everyone only digitally with Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5!

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