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Samurai Force Shing!

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Beat’em Up 2.0

Tokusatsu … Movies or TV Dramas with extensive usage of special effects
Suitmation … Portraying a creature by an actor in a suit
Kaiju … Science fiction and fantasy creatures in tokusatsu
Kaijin … Humanoid kaiju or super villains in tokusatsu
Henshin … The ability that a normal person morph into a superhero
Henshin Hero … Superhero in tokusatsu
Sentai … Team of superheroes that battle against evil invaders

Don’t underestimate Earth’s superheroes!

If you are a fan of Japanese popular culture you will surely know these terms; but if you have never seen an episode of Kamen Rider, Ultraman, or Super Sentai series, don’t worry… Playasia is here to bring more knowledge about Japanese pop-culture 😉
Everything has started during the Shōwa era (昭和時代); during this period that identifies the years between 1926 and 1989, under Emperor Hirohito, the Japanese people have lived tragic events like the WWII, and very happy moments like the so-called “Japanese Miracle”, when the economy grew three times faster than other major nations without any help from foreign countries. But the Showa era is important also for the pop-culture side, indeed this can be considered as the “golden age” of the Kaiju Eiga, and the Tokusatsu TV series.

In fact, some of the most Japanese pop-icons have been created during this period such as Godzilla, Gamera, Daimajin, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, and many other superheroes that protected our planet both from terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats. In particular, series like Ninpū Sentai Harikenjā and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger mixed the most renowned warrior categories of ninja and samurai with an innovative sci-fi setting to bring even more epicness on TVs across the globe. Inspired by all of these pop-icons, the developing studio Mass Creation worked hard to create a brand new team of superheroes who save the future using traditional katana swords, naginata, shuriken, and powerful spells.
So get ready to live a burning action-adventure game joining the one and only Samurai Force Shing! for PS4, NS & XB1!

Shine forever, Samurai Force Shing!

Leveling up the concept of beat’em up to a new explosive level; Samurai Force Shing! for PS4, NS & XB1 is set in a futuristic world invaded by hordes of biomechanical creatures. To prevent the total annihilation of the human race, Bichiko, Tetsuo, Aiko, Wilhem, and you are called to wander across several savage lands to resolve the tragic situation more effectively than anyone else.

Thanks to its radical gameplay mechanics, wonderful art-style, adrenaline-pumping music, and much more; it is not surprisingly the reasons why this game received dozens of awards including the Pax Online 2020 Official Selection, or the Indie DB “Indie of the Year”, plus a lot of enthusiastic reviews practically everywhere!
Play it alone or with up to three friends; you will need all hands on deck because in Samurai Force Shing! for PS4, NS & XB1 danger lurks at every corner hitting when least expected… Exploit your knowledge of martial arts in the deadliest way possible; in this hyper-exciting beat’em up you must act quickly before the world as we know it ends forever…

We know that this mission won’t be easy, but with Samurai Force Shing! for PS4, NS & XB1 this Super Sentai can save the day digitally or physically!


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