Cyber Shadow for PS5, PS4, NS & XB1 – Cyber ninja are F0rΣv3Я!!!

Cyber Shadow

PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Super Cyber Ninja Action

Among the thousands of pop-cultural icons coming from Japan; ninja are surely at the top of the most famous ones.
Formed by the two kanji characters, 忍 (stealth) and 者 (person); in western countries, it is commonly translated as shadow warrior. Organized in clans; the most ancient record about them dates back to around the 6th century when the semi-legendary Prince Shōtoku hired some of them for espionage activities. Absolutely egalitarian and practical, ninja armies don’t make gender-differences; indeed, if at the first place of the most popular shadow warriors we can find the legendary Hattori Hanzō, it’s not surprising that at the second one we find a woman: Mochizuki Chiyome, who worked for the feudal lord Takeda Shingen.

Due to their charm; during the centuries even more novels, movies, anime, and videogames have been dedicated to them. But one specific genre has stimulated the fantasy of hundreds of creators who catapulted these warriors of the past in futuristic settings; we are referring to the Techno-Ninja subgenre. Including titles like Go Nagai’s Black Lion, Mirai Ninja, The Ninja Warriors, and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman; in these works, we may master all the deadliest ninja abilities in dystopian worlds to save whole planets from total annihilation.
The golden era of Techno-Ninja it’s the 1980s; to homage this so unforgettable decade Yacht Club Games & Inti Creates join their forces to create something very unique… Ninja and Kunoichi from all around the world, this message is for you, relearn the spells, sharpen your katana swords, and update your operative systems because Cyber Shadow for PS5, PS4, NS, and XB1 is here!

Once upon a time in the future!

>>> Mekacity >>> A.D. 20XX >>> Starting from this megalopolis; the infamous Dr. Progen has conquered the planet using his endless army of biomechanical soldiers; using the latest knowledge in cybernetics, this evil mastermind bent billions of carbon-based beings to his will. In this dark era 2.0, human life is worthless; and the once-powerful clans of ninja are nothing but a distant memory of the past… However, not everything is lost; in fact from the neon lights of Mekacity’s alleys, Shadow, the last operating ninja warrior emerges to liberate peoples from the tyranny and oppression of Dr. Progen to restore democracy once again.

Get ready to accompany this skillful savior in a perilous voyage towards liberty; Cyber Shadow for PS5, PS4, NS, and XB1 features non-stopping high-octane action, music chiptune masterpieces, and above all a visually great 8-Bit retro aesthetic that makes this title a very unmissable gem capable to recreate all the splendors of the glorious 80s.

Overclocked to the extreme (and beyond); this new retro-style game gives us the chance to take part in adrenaline-filled cybernetic brawls in which only the greatest warriors can test their might against thousands of apparently unstoppable synthezoids that invaded every corner of our beautiful world. Slice your way through all the looooong levels, learn new spells, and rescue the survivors of the clan; all together can make the difference to stop everything that’s wrong!

Now do yourself a favor; don’t miss to try Cyber Shadow for PS5, PS4, NS, and XB1!
Thanks to this instant digital-only cult game; you can destroy hordes of enemies to restore dignity to all humankind…join the revolution!


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