Gal☆Gun Returns for NS – Crazy for Pheromones!

Gal☆Gun Returns

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Bishōjo Shooting Game

Bishōjo (美少女): a term that describes an attractive girl in manga, anime or video games!
Bishōjo Games or Gal Games are a real institution for millions of Japanese gamers; despite this genre is still quite obscure abroad, in the Land of the Rising Sun, or the joy of the fans, dozens of new titles for PCs & consoles are released every week!

It is estimated that there are about 400 companies involved in this genre; some of them are built by one person only, while some others employ more structured teams. Anyway, Gal Games are ever-expanding, and companies are always open to hiring new, young aspiring creators that could become the superstars of tomorrow. Yes, in fact, not many people know that the very first Gal Game has been released from Koei in 1982; its title was Night Life for NEC PC-88, and it was nothing but a simple adventure created to improve the couple harmony.

Our love for Gal Games sparkles!

Thanks to it, during the 80s; many other companies including Nihon Falcom, Enix, and also Square, rushed into this new market in which the interaction with characters was considered in the very first place. These bonds are also exploited to produce thousands of merchandising items; sculptures, mousepads, dakimakura, and many other products, simply help to extend the interactions even when the screen is off!

During the decades, many genres have been explored to develop even more immersive Gal Games; RPGs, dating simulators, fighting games, or shoot’em ups enriched the whole genre proposing great anime-style graphics & innovative gameplay mechanics that later have been used also in many other famous series who conquered the hearts of tens of millions people worldwide. But sometimes, there is a game originally developed for the domestic market that crosses the borders to become extremely popular everywhere, and this is exactly the case of Gal☆Gun!

The story of this series begins in 2011, when the Japanese developer Inti Creates tried to mix a traditional rail shooter with gorgeous anime-style schoolgirls; the original chapter was so well made, that the Xbox 260 version was soon accompanied by a PlayStation 3, and due to the absence of the region lock system, it could be played by everyone among the planet. Ten years and several episodes after; they are happy to celebrate its 10th Anniversary in a very HHH way with Gal☆Gun Returns for Nintendo Switch!

That’s hell for a high school boy!

Gal☆Gun Returns for NS is the remastered version of the first episode. With it, all the ones who haven’t played it in its original version; can get an unforgettable Doki-Doki experience like no other. Hit by sixteen love arrows by the angel in training Patako Amatsuka; you are Tenzou Motesugi. A young boy who suddenly becomes the most popular guy in school, but this boost in fame is not as beautiful as it seems; hundreds of girls now find you really irresistible, and they are ready for everything to confess their love to you.

Luckily, Patako didn’t leave you defenseless. You must be cruel to be merciful. Shoot them with the sacred “Pheromone Gun”; the only weapon that can cool down the spirits of this horde of pretty gals. Remember that each of them has a weak point, shoot at it, and witness their euphoria explosion. Since you are so popular, girls charge over you and become obstacles, so aim it right!

Featuring a cast of heart-racing characters, the bouncy Doki Doki Mode, and gorgeous anime-style cutscenes; from the moment you’ll push the start button you’ll find extremely difficult to turn the console off and say them goodbye. With a huge explosion of adrenaline, pheromones, and fanservice; Gal☆Gun Returns for NS surely challenge the fantasies of all shooters and bishoujo lovers!
There’s no place for hidin’ baby, no place to run, pull the trigger on Gal☆Gun Returns for NS digitally or physically!


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