Re:Zero – The Prophecy of the Throne for PS4 & NS – Raise the curtain!

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Fantasy Detective Story

Lothric, Spira, Hyrule, Orsterra… these are four examples of the worlds we can visit when we play with our favorite games. As you surely noticed since the appearance of legends and myth at the dawn of civilization; humankind has often created imaginary worlds where all was perfect and where heroes and heroines take part in epic battles against supernatural creatures for the sake of their community.
Thousands of stories can actually catapult us to other dimensions; giving us the unique opportunity to follow closely the lives of initially aspiring adventurers whose deeds are remembered through the ages. Obviously, also manga and anime are no less, especially in the genre commonly known as Isekai (異世界).

…and we are magically in another world!

Its story is fairly recent, in fact, we may date back its origin to 2012; including a huge quantity of sub-stories, normally Isekai series mixing many genres at one time. The protagonists are common people who as if by magic find themselves in a fantastic world filled with monsters, treasures, and wonders. Isekai is particularly good for two reasons; from one side it allows the mangaka to experiment with a vast arrange of situations, from the other side, instead, it helps readers to escape from everyday life…
Like a sort of Alice in Wonderland in a contemporary setting; Isekai blurs the fine line that separates reality from fantasy!
These are the main reasons behind the worldwide success of series like Sword Art Online, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and above all Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World!

Set mainly in the once-prosperous Kingdom of Lugnica. This series is focused on Subaru Natsuki; a NEET that for mysterious reasons starts a new life in the kingdom with the unique ability to resurrect every time he dies. Due to the presence of a very well-written plot, charismatic characters, cultural complexity, and an absolutely great sense of immersion; Re:Zero is one of the most beloved Isekai series of all time. Novels, radio shows, and video games expanded this fantastic universe beyond its limits, and we’re very happy to announce that the much-awaited Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne will arrive tomorrow on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

When the people move, things move!

These are troubled times in the kingdom. Subaru has arrived only a month ago, and the selection for the next ruler of the Kingdom of Lugnica is about to start, but there’s a problem…
The mystic Dragon Stone showed that only five people can be the candidates; but actually, there’s a sixth person (shrouded in mystery) who reclaims his place among the candidates. Is he an impostor? Why he is doing this? Join Subaru, Rem, Ram, Emilia, and all the other superstars to find the solution to this intrigue.

Featuring a brand new story supervised by Tappei Nagatsuki, the creator of the series; in Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne for PS4 & NS we will be at the center of a conspiration that sees involved all the kingdom; including a lot of twists & turns, we have to use all ours investigation skills to unravel the tangle. Like a contemporary Sherlock Holmes; we must rely on all ours deductive minds, perception skills, and combat abilities to protect all the beloved allies whose lives are in danger.

Dynamic, chilling, and captivating; Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne for PS4 & NS is a groundbreaking investigation adventure worthy of the best Conan Doyle. Solve the greatest test of all digitally or physically!


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