The NiOh Collection for PS5 – We came, we saw, we kicked them!

The NiOh Collection

PlayStation®5 Ι Genre: Yokai Killing Action

Japan is the country with the biggest density of supernatural beings for km²!
Tengu, Kappa, Kitsune, Hanako-san, or Kuchisake Onna live together with us adding a pinch of healthy thrill to our daily routine. But their presence is ancient; in fact, we may find stories about them since the origin of Japanese civilization. In any case, it’s only from the Edo period that the Kaidan literature experienced its golden era. The term Kaidan (怪談) which meaning is strange story includes a vast number of stories starring ghosts, goblins, ghosts, and thousands of other creatures who exist in a (not so distant) parallel dimension. Many western scholars studied deeply this charming subject, and according to “The Appeal of Kaidan, Tales of the Strange” dissertation by professor Noriko Tsunoda Reider; we may find four points that made the Kaidan literature so popular on a global scale:

1) Fascination with the grotesque
2) Plausible explanations for unexplainable common occurrences
3) Attraction of the exotic
4) Socio-political commentary

Obviously, this huge popularity does not stop at paper & ink but embraces the whole pop-industry appearing in magazines, movies, anime, music, and also video games. If we talk about video games; we cannot but mention the incredibly beautiful & challenging NiOh series!
It’s time to polish the katana sword to slash your way to bring peace in the ghostly Land of the Rising Sun; exploit all the martial arts and mystic skills to have once more a very hardcore challenge with The NiOh Collection which includes NiOh Remastered Complete Edition & NiOh 2 Remastered Complete Edition for PS5!

Who You Gonna Call? Yokaibusters!

NiOh Remastered Complete Edition is set in 1600, at the end of the Sengoku era; a blood-bathed period of great changes ended with the famous battle of Sekigahara which was the culmination of a long-standing power struggle between Tokugawa Ieyasu and Hashiba Hideyoshi. In the first episode, we follow the deeds of William; a blonde-haired Irish samurai that soon after his disembarkation on the Japanese coast. He crossed his path with Tokugawa Ieyasu and his servant, the famous ninja Hattori Hanzo.

This formidable trio of heroes formed an alliance against both William’s enemies and the yokai infesting Japan led by Edward Kelly an English occultist and alchemist that used his dark powers to influence the events summoning many spirits at the behest of John Dee, the famous mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher and above all chief advisor to Queen Elizabeth I…

Facing armies of undead samurai warriors, and weird creatures from Japanese folklore such as Hinoenma, Jorōgumo, and a Yuki-onna, William must fight his way to bring peace to the country helping Tokugawa Ieyasu to unify it. Mastering both martial arts skills and magic arts, you’ll begin a legendary journey throughout Japan with this great title that melts in a very cool way the gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden. So, if you’re looking for an epic remastered challenge don’t look further, because playing it you’ll curse all those evil spirits you’ll encounter!

True Samurai don’t feel any fear!

The superb NiOh 2 Remastered Complete Edition, instead, catapults us some years before the first episode; bringing more yokai, more action, and more secrets than ever!
In this prequel, we may enjoy the tale of two adventurers who wander in the savage Japan of the Sengoku Period; a nameless yokai hunter who can exploit their supernatural powers, and Tokichiro, a wandering merchant specialized to find rare Spirit Stones.

But things are more difficult than ever, in fact, due to the rising of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the second great unifier, the whole country is affected by very harsh impositions such as the establishment of a rigid class structure, restriction on travel, and surveys of land and production. All of them combined with the spread of evil semi-spiritual creatures make Japan a real hell on earth.
During their unforgettable brutal journey throughout Japan; we help them to fight hordes of fearful beings in a very exciting story filled with twists & turns!

Including all the DLCs and tons of improvements that make the gaming experience even more immersive; The NiOh Collection for PS5 unleashes the darkness among all of us!
Taking inspiration from the classic chanbara movies; press the start button to employ deadly sword combat and magnificent magic attacks like never before; get ready to enjoy an authentically unorthodox samurai-style action experience digitally or physically!


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