Big in Japan Campaign on PlayStation Store – Banzai!!!

As Alphaville sang during the first half of the 80s, things are easy when you’re big in Japan, especially if we are referring to pop-culture.
For decades, anime, manga, video games, model kits, music albums, and many other products (that you can easily get from us) invaded the planet to bring everyone new & extremely exciting experiences in which we can live in first person all the adventures of our favorite heroes and heroines.
To celebrate the Japanese pop-coolture in the greatest way; until February 25th we have the opportunity to fill our PS4 HDDs with dozens of unmissable made-in-Japan titles. With many discounted geemu at our disposal, this is a really unique campaign for all the ones who are hungry to enjoy brand new stories starring very well-known characters.
Get ready for them… Banzai!

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – 50% OFF

After the fantasy glorious of Dragon’s Crown; George Kamitani & Vanillaware are back with 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim!
Set in an alternative version of year 55 of the Shōwa Era (a.k.a. 1980); 13 chosen young people known as Sentinels must keep safe the world from the imminent apocalypse. Providing a brand new sci-fi setting, in this epic 2D Action-RPG you must get ready to pilot giant mechs to face larger-than-life threats who menace the world as we know it. If you loved mature robotic opuses such as Neon Genesis Evangelion; you’ll love also this precious game. Featuring the wonderful hand-drawn art-style; get ready to experience 13 unique stories filled with branching paths, epic bosses, and a huge number of items, weapons, and secrets…
Vanillaware is here more powerful than ever, enter the cockpit of your mech, and live your personal cyber hell!

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory – 33% OFF

Only through music, we can re:connect the past, the present, and the future…
In Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, we can travel among all the kingdoms to defeat the heartless to the rhythm of the music. Including more than 140 hits you have already listened to in the main episodes; this spin-off features a very wonderful overall style that cannot leave indifferent.
Everything in this incredible spin-off has been updated, tweaked, and remixed for a truly limit-breaking experience; this time battling it’s not just about Keyblades but it is also a matter of rhythm. Unveil the true power of the seven notes playing with the most exciting, romantic, and emotional tracks from the series. Savannah Pride, Let It Go, Destiny Islands, and Enter the Darkness are only little examples of what we find here.
It’s a fact; music can save all!

Sakura Wars – 50% OFF

Moga & Mobo can make the difference; relive an alternative version of the Taishō 29th year of (1940) with Sakura Wars!
A global-scale war has destroyed Tokyo, Paris, and New York, and this means that almost all the members of the Combat Revues of those cities tragically disappeared. So, the few survivors join their forces to create a brand new Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division which is based in Tokyo. Together with you, this band of heroes will fight against a new demonic invasion; while they will try to win the prestigious The Great Combat Revue World War competition.
Part Action-RPG, part visual novel, part dating simulation, and all in English this game is a true blossoming of a wide variety of genres that will let you live an exciting story where the broader outlook and only the open-minded perspective of the new generations can protect the world from the darkness!

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Ultimate Edition – 50% OFF

Take down this alien scum with Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Ultimate Edition!
The ultimate adrenaline-filled war against hordes of titanic insects from outer space is here; taking all the memorable features from the explosive EDF series, this chapter includes more classes, more weapons, more parts & more invaders. Seek and destroy all targets both in the air or on land; clear your way in a wholly destructible environment where bridges, skyscrapers, and many other structures can just as easily be destroyed by friend or foe in your attempt to save the world and trying not to demolish it in the process. Get armed to the teeth and take part in over 50 missions in which you can control extermination tanks & fully armored mechs to destroy the enemy.
Alone or with your friends; lead your fearless comrades to the victory before it’s too late!

Senran Kagura Estival Versus – 50% OFF

Are you ready for the most outstanding, and most radical event ever occurred in the Senran Kagura universe? Senran Kagura Estival Versus takes this buxom series to another level with new characters, new moves, and fanservice to the Nth degree!!!
The shinobi sisters Ryona and Ryobi are vacationing on a huge island resort, but one day a mystical phenomenon appears, drawing the worldwide beloved ninjas in another dimension where all is turned upside down. In here, they’ll encounter their sister, Ryoki, who was believed to be dead…what’s the mystery behind Ryoki’s re-appearance? Is this a bad omen for our world? Fight your way as hardest as you can to learn the highest secrets of shinobi lore, while you undress the enemies through the traditional clothing destruction feature.

Choose between 20 kunoichis, each one with individual play styles, and all of them will reveal a different aspect of a twisted story where the girls determine who is the strongest (and the sexiest). Proceeding into the adventure to unlock new outfits, skills, and accessories. And if this isn’t enough oppai for you, we suggest you try also the exciting multiplayer modes.
Action and naughtiness burst is strong with this game!

Act now or we will cry later!
We can’t simply miss the opportunity to fill our Hard Disks with all of these pop-legends, and simultaneously save a lot of money. Using the Instant Digital Codes we will learn why Japan is a so big country… long live Japanese games!


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