Bravely Default II for NS – Our fate is in their hands!

Bravely Default II

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Heroes of Light are back!

Only in the JRPG genre, we can turn ourselves into the mightiest, and sometimes strangers, heroes, and heroines in the whole game industry. Series like Shin Megami Tensei, Final Fantasy, Chrono, or Xeno rise interesting big questions such as: what are our obligations towards other people? What does it mean to be a hero? What are the implications for the future when an evil dark lord threatens our freedom? Exploiting multiple storylines dozens of JRPGs tried to give an answer. While at the beginning of video games, we piloted spaceships shooting hordes of aliens neatly lined up; since 1982, when Koei released Underground Exploration on NEC PC-8801, we are magically transformed into humans with super abilities who travel in a world in peril to save billions of hopeless beings from certain slavery or in the worst cases annihilation.

Like postmodern superheroes, the protagonists of JRPGs honor a sort of “social contract” stipulated by fate; in every place they visit, from the megalopolis to the small village on a remote island, these characters are hailed as ultimate saviors, and they have the access to secret mystic relics usually forbidden to average people. For example, artifacts like Black Materia, Xenogears, and the Staff of Rain help us to defeat quite easily even the most powerful enemies. To obtain them and restore peace everywhere, the hero(ine) is destined to travel extensively both physically and mentally, opening the mind due to the encounter of new habits and cultures that lead him or her to accomplish their voyage to adulthood like an actual rite of passage.

If also you, want to begin a new quest to the four corners of a fantastic world; then you are ready to start to play with the hugely awaited Bravely Default II for Nintendo Switch!

We have the light to reach the stars!

Starring four young people: young sailor Seth, the refugee princess Gloria, the traveling scholar Elvis, and the mercenary Adelle; Bravely Default II for NS is set in the vast continent of Excillant. Divided into five kingdoms; during the adventure, we can understand our inner powers trying to make a difference to the world. Looking for something big, these four aspiring Heroes of Light, are called to accomplish four different stories that will change their lives and the destiny of Excillant once and for all.
During their voyages, we will learn the true meaning of life, and what is needed to be considered a true legend.

Featuring a traditional turn-based combat system that gives us all the time we need to think about the best strategy to adopt; Bravely Default II for NS combines four different deeply emotional tales of heroism, exploration, combat, and rescue. Every decision we will take will have an impact on the world around us; so we must not be reckless and ponder any decision carefully. Because every adventure worthy of this name, is full of pitfalls… we must be ready to experience unexpected twists that will forge our future…

Presented with an extremely cute art-style that reaches new heights in the JRPG genre; Bravely Default II for NS is a truly epic voyage in which even the most (apparently) meaningless decision can lead us to live a completely different life. Don’t hesitate, the destiny is calling; press start to discover what fate has in store for us digitally or physically!

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