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Apex Legends

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: The Apex of Battle Royale

If you’re a mechapunk fan, and you enjoyed sci-fi stories like Pacific Rim, The Iron Giant, and Neon Genesis Evangelion, we bet you surely loved Titanfall!
Originally released 7 years ago exclusively for PC & Xbox One; this astonishing multiplayer FPS won over 60 awards from critics around the world making it one of the greatest games that appeared on Microsoft consoles. Forged gear after gear by Respawn Entertainment, preciously helped by some of the people who worked on masterpieces of the caliber of Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2; Titanfall offered an intriguing innovative online experience that combined smooth, epic and fast-paced multiplayer action with the exciting addition of Mecha-on-Mecha battles.

Its story is focused on a member of a roaming space fleet caught far from home, roving on the edge of space known as The Frontier. So, we as protagonists of this larger-than-universe adventure are catapulted in the middle of a war between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia; all of this mechamadness portray a dog eat dog universe where we experience small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial, and man vs. machine. Fans of first-person shooter games, this message is for you… after two years from its advent on PS4 & XB1, finally, the extremely immersive Titanfall’s spin-off Apex Legends is ready to land also on Nintendo Switch. Carrying all the burning action of the other versions; this version is a real must-have for all the lovers of mechs and sci-fi!

Get into the arena!

Forget Fortnite!
Only Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch give us the unique chance to shoot our way to gain money and glory at a universal level. The story starts 30 years after Titanfall 2; an almost forgotten violent sport has risen from the ashes to bring glory, fame, and fortune to all the winners… the Apex Games.

Organized by the Mercenary Syndicate; these games see the most powerful mercenaries of the galaxy kill each other for the amusement of the masses (and the profit of the megacorporations). With billions of viewers around the Milky Way; this is truly the sport of the future. Even here in Playasia HQ; we have fallen to its charm, and we regularly host tournaments to the last one standing!

When enemies fall, we rise!

Eight seasons (so far), dozens of champions to choose from, an unforgettable gameplay system, and much more; all of this can be found in Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch. But that’s not all if you have a gargantuan appetite for destruction; you can rely on a massive arsenal that increases your offensive power to previously unbelievable heights. Master all the weapons to refine your playstyle at the highest level to beat the best opponents of the league!
Hear the roaring of the crowds; Apex Legends for NS is not a multiplayer FPS like the other ones… it is the hottest sport in the Titanfall Universe. Exploit all your strategic skills to the max, they will be useful in case you want to survive (and eventually win something good 😉).

Put on your best armor suit; enter in a new type of war where explosive superstars are the protagonists. Create your team, choosing between dozens of unique characters, and face a huge array of different situations set in different environments. A myriad of twists and turns awaits you; win the most massive game digitally or physically and the whole galaxy will bow to you… this is Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch!


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