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Jack Jeanne

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Popera Visual Adventure

And so, you want fame? Well, fame costs, and right here is where you start paying…
If you are a fan of TV series, you’ll probably remember Miss Grant’s speech at the beginning of every Fame episode; more than a line in the play, this is an absolute reality. Around the world, there are so many institutions that could prepare people to live an incredibly rewarding life at the service of Art. Juilliard School, Macao Conservatory, London Studio Centre, and many others exist to unleash our creative potential in every artistic field including music, dance, and drama.

In recent years, opera grew incredibly in popularity; especially since when Covid-19 pandemic has started even more theaters began to broadcast many opera shows on TV and on online video-sharing platforms showing their performances.
Accomplice the forced confinement in our homes; opera passed very quickly from elitism to a more popular form of art acquiring an increasing number of fans day by day. So, we now can enjoy a new type of show… the Popera!

This new kind of art is massively portrayed in other media; making the Popera accessible also to young people. In video games like Eternal Sonata or Mad Maestro!, we can enjoy addictive gameplays enriched fabulous classical music; thanks to this mix two apparently distant worlds work together in an emotional symbiotic way, that from one side create a new audience and from the other perpetuate operatic traditions with a wink to the contemporary gaming culture. A new important piece for this pop-avant-garde is now here for the happiness of all of us; we are talking of the one and only Jack Jeanne for Nintendo Switch!

Curtain calls!

Jack Jeanne for Nintendo Switch, created by Sui Ishida, the mangaka behind the unforgettable Tokyo Ghoul series, eradicates the difference between “high” and “low” culture. Set in the worldwide renowned Univers Opera School, an academy which is devoted to creating new generations of artists, we follow the story of Saki Tachibana, the new student of the institution. In there, there are four leading groups that represent the top of the artistic field for many reasons: Quartz, Onyx, Rhodonite & Amber. If we can get the highest grades in all the disciplines; we will improve our ranks to become the next promise blessed by the Muses.

Visual novel, school simulation, rhythm game!
Including three genres in one; Jack Jeanne for Nintendo Switch is truly a Popera masterpiece like no other in the whole world. Charming, addictive, and absolutely amazing this magnificent game contains all the characteristics that all the aspiring superstars really want (and need)!
All here is superb, fulfill the challenges, and once you’ve graduated people will be lining up to see your performances; enjoy the opportunity to take part in an unprecedented adventure in which you can decide your fate digitally or physically!

So, press start, and don’t miss being part of the Olympus of Performing Arts with Jack Jeanne for Nintendo Switch!
Study hard & work harder; be ready to dance and sing along together with the rest of the enchanted audience!


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