Monster Hunter Rise for NS – Rise the hunting experience!

Monster Hunter Rise

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: New hunting season is open!

Unnatural phenomenon through which gods warn men or a significant supernatural event; these are the definitions of the Latin word Monstrum which is the root of the term Monster.

According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle; a monster is a being that is contrary to the ordinary process of nature, but not contrary to nature in the absolute sense. For example among monsters we can find bizarre mixing of real creatures that have magical powers; ancient greek Chimera (lion + goat + snake), Chinese Lóngguī (turtle + dragon), Indian Yāḻi (lion + elephant + horse) or Solomon Islands Hatuibwari (human + bat + snake) are the perfect examples about how different cultures create these hybrids to explain their fears, mode of thought and religious beliefs. Provoking a sense of horror, monstrous creatures are extensively studied in various subjects including philosophy, anthropology, and [crypto]zoology.

We must tame our own monsters!

We know that almost all children (and adults as well) are afraid of the dark; actually, this fear is not about the darkness itself, but it is a more visceral sense of danger about what this condition could hide. And due to the need of giving a name and a shape to this fear that through the millennia humankind has originated and studied monsters. Even in our hi-tech age, monsters continue to stimulate the fantasy of billions of people at all latitudes; in books, movies, and video games the encounter with the unknown is extensively described, and in some cases, monsters became global superstars capable to create huge amounts of money. Leaving out Pokémon, the best series that show monsters as cultural archetypes is without any doubt, Monster Hunter!

Originally released in 2004 for PlayStation 2; with it, we can experience a new identity and a new way of understanding the world. Selling more than 60 million copies worldwide; in only 17 years it contributed to building a new kind of iconography where intimidating creatures with great powers are not seen as unnatural hybrids but as wild animals who live in certain regions of the planet. Finally, three years after the magnificent Monster Hunter: World; this Friday the series will return with the much-awaited Monster Hunter Rise exclusively for Nintendo Switch!

We are ready for the next hunt!

The new adventure of Monster Hunter Rise for NS starts in the Japanese-inspired Kamura Village; every year this remote village lost in the mountains attracts thousands of tourists. Endless spectacular panoramas, multiple natural wonders, and rich cultural heritage make it the perfect location for everyone who is looking for a very relaxing time… but around Kamura Village there’s much more, in fact, scholars and hunters from all around the world gather every year to study species that can’t be found anywhere else; making it a real paradise for billions of people.

Despite the mythological beliefs; Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch favors the scientific approach. Playing it we soon understand that old legends tell the truth only in some cases; in fact, rarely monsters are inherently good or evil. They are complex creatures that help us in a very unexpected way to propose new ideas about humanity and civilization, and about the mortal and divine.
Armed with our biowonderful Wirebug, we can go where no one has gone before; old stars and new creatures like Aknosom & Tetranadon are introduced to make this new hunting season even more exciting.

In search of rare creatures…

As Monster Hunter; in Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch we are called to – not only – chase these creatures, but also to learn their habits, and weaknesses in order to let them know in the civilized areas to glory for you and as help for the residents of the village to survive. Stay alert while you track monsters, set traps, and either capture these majestic creatures. Sometimes to survive we are forced to slay them, in this way we can get the opportunity to carve off their horns, scales, and bones to create a huge variety of new weapons and armors!

The hunting season will start very soon digitally or physically, so bring all the best equipment to begin a new, and epic voyage in the beautiful yet dangerous world of Monster Hunter Rise!


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